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legal T injections

This is a serious question posed by many newbies and people who have already used testosterone injections. The crux of the situation is that men are not willing to cure their testosterone deficiency and sharing the topic is totally out of question. If they secretly intend to get the condition treated, their path is blocked by this question, “where can I get testosterone injections legally?”

What is testosterone anyway

Some would describe it as the hormone that puts hair on a man’s chest. It is produced in both males and females, but is recognized as the male hormone since it is responsible for promoting secondary sexual characteristics in males. After hitting puberty, this hormone is responsible for building muscles and maintaining bone density. After crossing age 30, most men start to experience a decline in testosterone levels. Hypogonadism is the prime reason for low t score but men will often dismiss the symptoms saying they are sign of aging. The changes evident after low t are:

  • Loss of energy
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Reduced drive for sex
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss in lean muscle mass
  • Unexpected weight gain

Where can I get testosterone injections legally

legal T injectionsThe legal sources of testosterone injections are of course limited but the treatment option are not. In case, you do not qualify for injectable testosterone, there is still hope in the form of other treatment options.

Usually a prescription is required to buy testosterone injections but if you don’t have one, then contact our online physician who will access your condition and issue a prescription thereafter.

We only deal in authentic medications from legit sources. Once your condition is diagnosed, your order will be processed and dispatched discreetly without the need for you to make several visits.

Testosterone injections at a glance

Most of us are probably not aware but testosterone is more than just a male hormone or a means to have healthy sex. Testosterone controls various other factors within the body, including bone density, the lean muscle mass, body fat, your overall mood and red blood cell count. According to the endocrine society, the normal levels of this hormone range between 300 – 1,000 ng/dL. If the hormone levels are below the normal range, the doctor might recommend any of the following testosterone replacement therapies.

1. Injections. The most effective form of testosterone therapy has been found to be through intramuscular injections, which allow a high degree of control over the frequency and the dosage of administration. Because these injections are administered intravenously they are fast-acting and deliver the best results.

2. Gels. These are applied like any other medical ointment or cream and offer an intermediate level of control depending on the amount that is applied. However it has been found that many men have not been able to absorb the gel and have had to switch to other treatment methods. There are also concerns regarding transfer to sexual partners and family members, especially children and women.

3. Pellets. One of the more recent forms of treatments, testosterone pellets allow for three to six months’ worth of hormone being released into the body. In order for these to work as they should, a doctor will make an incision at a strategic point in your body and insert a pellet which will then dissolve in your system over time.

4. Pills and capsules. Testosterone therapy in this form generally takes the form of oral consumption. However, they are not recommended by experts due to their potential to damage the internal organs in particular the liver. They are also not as effective as other forms of testosterone treatment as they take time to be broken down and absorbed by the system.

Note: the information contained herein is meant for educational purposes and the writer is not a medical professional. To seek help, you must consider the advice of a medical professional only.