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Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone BrandsThe human growth hormone is a peptide hormone of the anterior lobe of the pituitary. This is most often used for higher achievements in sports and rejuvenation of the human body. Human growth hormone (HGH) got its name from the fact that this hormone stimulates the activity of growth, leading to long bones and limbs.

A standard makeup of human growth hormone in the blood is usually at 1-5 ng/ml, but during peak times it may spike up to 10-20 ng/ml, and sometimes even as high as 45 ng/ml.

The human growth hormone was first identified near the year 1956. Much research has commenced since then associating with the search for drugs to help with the so-called “eternal youth.” After all, every man and woman past the age of 20 experiences a decline in the hormone production. This is the time when the body is slowly but surely beginning the irreversible process of aging, which each of us is so afraid of.

According to statistical research, after age 20 the level of production of the human growth hormone is reduced by as much as 15% each and every decade of your life. Worth noting is the fact that, unlike most other drugs, HGH supplements do not differentiate with differences in sex, since both the female and male organisms go through the same aging process.

For some this comes later, for some sooner, but it is all directly linked to lifestyle, bad habits, and so forth. Despite the fact that since the development of the drug until present time, they are prohibited by use of international anti-doping organizations, human growth hormones continue to have unprecedented resonance among athletes and ordinary people in the streets worldwide. This is because only they can provide people with youth and beauty for many years to come.

Growth hormone – how is it formed?

HGH (Human growth hormone) is one of the numerous pituitary hormones, part of the human brain that has regulating effects on the human body. Its pituitary cells make up 50% of all cells in the organism. Seeing as how this is true, the importance of HGH (growth hormone) is clear in relation to the human body.

Production of this hormone is at a peak in the period of active growth of the young man or women. However, it is not released into the blood around the clock, but in intervals named emission peak of growth hormone. The most significant emission peak of the hormone is during sleep, when the human body is resting and at the same time growing the most. That is why older people are so familiar with the phrase, “When you sleep – you grow up.”

Alas, the period of human growth hormone release is not lengthy – only 20-25 minutes long. Nevertheless, that is enough time for it to exert its effect on the human body. It does not affect the tissues and organs directly; rather this function is performed by special components which are produced in response to this hormone. As the growth hormone is released into the body, it enters the liver, and as soon as it does so it begins to synthesize compound growth, which takes direct action on the body.

Growth hormone – the best HGH supplements

As you know HGH (human growth hormone) is one of the most popular and effective products used to rejuvenate the human body. It is used to many different purposes. A valid question stands to be, “What are the properties of the human growth hormone (HGH) that a person faces after using it?”

Listed below are a few:

  • Antibiotic action – the muscles start to grow much faster than before;
  • Anti-catabolic effect – muscles deteriorate at a much slower rate, therefore stimulating lean tissue build-up;
  • The layer of fat becomes much smaller, important for those who are close to or past obesity;
  • The energy obtained from the breakdown of fats and foods is used much more efficiently;
  • The healing of wounds is accelerates, important for post-surgery patients;
  • Causes the perfect effect of rejuvenation, dream of so many people;
  • Stimulates the re-growth of internal organs, i.e. damaged organs caused by the environment can be restored using HGH (growth hormone);
  • Causes bones to grow, thus solving the problem of those who are excessively short;
  • People who take HGH have a very strong immune system, and therefore do not face the struggle of many powerful diseases – even cancer;
  • Increases the amount of glucose in the blood.

HGH use

The implementation of HGH supplements will have unprecedented resonance in anti-aging procedures, especially in Hollywood. It is believed that most stars have perfected their appearance due to the use of HGH supplements. After all, they promote weight loss, improves skin quality and hair growth, which is a crucial factor for balding men.

But similar to any other drug, HGH use has strict recommendations for dosages. If one takes a dose of the drug that is too high, there is a real danger of side effects, not to mention the body becomes used to the drug and the overall effect of the hormone on the body is weakened. Once you have gone through a full course of treatment, it is necessary that you take a break equal to the amount of time of administration.

However, do not forget that in order to start taking this medication, you must have special permission, that is a prescription. You can, of course, but human growth hormone from various dubious companies that offer it. But then you will not be guaranteed that the drug is in fact human growth hormone and will not cause irreversible negative effects. This practice is often undertaken by athletes who are not able to pass the required blood test due to high testosterone and HGH levels already existent in their blood.

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