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HGH Results Before and After

HGH Results Before And AfterHow fast will I see results from HGH? This is the primary question human growth hormone patients are asking their doctors. Naturally, the miraculous effects are why you wanted to do HGH replacement therapy in the first place, so you will be anxious to know when HGH expected results will finally show.

Let us take a look at HGH results week by week and month by month, and see what beneficial results you can expect after only 2 weeks or as long as 5 months of human growth hormone replacement treatment.

How Long Does It Take To See HGH Results?

When to see HGH results is very individual. Some will be able to make an HGH before and after comparison within the first week, others can be hopelessly wondering “When will I notice HGH results?” for a few weeks. Be patient: it took quite some time for your body to age, so you cannot expect it to restore itself in a blink of an eye.

HGH results time also depends on the dosage, but remember you shouldn’t exceed the prescribed dose to speed up your HGH results.

HGH Results After 1 Month

As soon as you start your HGH cycle, the hormone triggers changes in your body. In the course of the first several weeks, they will be visible through increased energy and vitality, which in turn result in better productivity. Better concentration will also be among your HGH results. As far as your physique is concerned, HGH expected results include better stamina and increased strength, helping you exercise more easily and productively. Finally, many patients report their mood gets better and the mood swings or depression that are sometimes characteristic of hormone disorders go away.

HGH Results After 2 Months

HGH results after 2 months will already be visible. Real HGH results that start showing some time after the 2nd month of therapy include better skin and better muscle tone, as the hormone helps your body regenerate cells faster. Due to this cells regeneration, the muscles in your eyes that weaken with age will also strengthen, so you can expect first improvements in your eyesight and night vision. As your metabolism starts speeding up, you are likely to see first fat loss effects after 2 months of HGH treatment.

HGH Results After 3 Months

This month is another important milestone. HGH results after 3 months include first improvements in the look and condition of your hair. Also, this is when the anti-osteoporosis HGH effects show up. Your bones will start getting stronger and less porous, and even though these are not the HGH results you can actually see, you are likely to notice better flexibility and less pain in your joints. Besides, month 3 is when female patients will feel a pleasant change in their well-being: they can get rid of bad PMS symptoms, which aging women often suffer from. Negative effects of menopause will also reduce after 3 months of HGH replacement therapy.

HGH Results After 4 Months

HGH before and after effects become more and more evident within the third-fourth month of your HGH cycle. Your HGH results affecting mood, energy, stamina, skin and hair condition continue to improve. As metabolism returns to its ‘youthful’ pace, you will see gradual fat loss and increasing muscle size, especially if HGH therapy is combined with sports and exercise.

HGH Results After 5 Months

Month 5 is when you will definitely want to make HGH results before and after pics: within the fifth month, you will notice well-visible improvements in the condition of your hair. It will become thicker, much more elastic, and shinier. Besides, skin discoloration that is another common symptom of aging will visibly lessen. All in all, HGH results after 5 months will be fairly noticeable and your looks will be considerably improved.

HGH Results After 6 Months

When the 6th month of HGH therapy ends, you can expect to have experienced all the HGH before and after effects. Your overall health condition will be drastically improved, with results including:

  • better, deeper sleep;
  • smoother and more youthful skin;
  • faster metabolism;
  • healthier immune system and cardiovascular system;
  • increased energy, endurance, stamina.

Thanks to improved metabolism and the ability of human growth hormone to trigger muscle growth, after six months of treatment you will see miraculous effects related to your body shape. In addition to fat loss and muscle growth, HGH reduces cellulite and helps your body acquire better overall contours. With increased stamina, higher muscle, as well as stronger, more flexible bones, you will be better fit for exercise, show better results, and be able to handle even high intensity physical activities. Moreover, many aging patients report that after an HGH cycle their hair not only became thicker and got better in texture, but also started restoring its natural color.

HGH Before and After

So, what is life like before and after HGH? The HGH results cycle can change both your appearance and your life for the better, influencing everything from sleep and mood to hair and skin condition. Here’s what your HGH results before and after can be.

Your Looks

Before: graying and dry hair; first wrinkles and skin discoloration. After: thicker, glossier, healthier hair, possibly fewer gray hairs or even restored original color; smoother and more elastic skin with improved skin tone.

Your Physical Shape

Before: higher fat to muscle ratio, poor muscle tone resulting in worse body shape; possibly extra weight. After: leaner and more muscular body; fat loss; better body contours.

Your Physical Abilities

Before: low stamina and strength; worsening eyesight, especially in the dark. After: increased endurance and ability to do intense exercise; better results in sports; improved vision.

Your Well-Being

Before: poor sleep; low energy and depressed mood; poor concentration and productivity. After: deep and healthy sleep; improved vitality and stable, optimistic mood; increased mental ability and productivity.

Start Experiencing Your Own HGH Before and After Effects!

If you are anxious to improve your well-being and live a fuller, healthier life without the HGH deficiency symptoms bothering you, it may be time to start your therapy. Real HGH results come after a course of well-planned therapy, so take advantage of our physicians’ expertise to plan yours. Just complete the request form online, and one of our doctors will contact you and detail the next steps towards your HGH treatment plan.