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About Hormones

Essentially a hormone is a chemical messenger of the body. All organisms, including animals, plants, and humans produce hormones. The process of production of each hormone is different and so is the area in which it is produced. What is common among almost all hormones is that it does not stay in one spot of the body, but rather travels throughout it either through the bloodstream or with the help of internal organs. Some hormones have very specific functions and others are in charge of a large variety of effects. The way they act as a messenger is by motioning other parts of the body to go to work, working as a catalyst to help the body upkeep its state of homeostasis.

Human hormones have growth to have much interest in specialists in the scientific and medical field, not to mention average people such as yourself. Studies and experimentation on hormones has led people to realize that some individuals have deficiency of these substances.

This can be caused by various reasons, the most common being natural deterioration of hormonal production due to aging. Other common reasons for low hormonal levels are birth defects and injuries to the area that secretes the hormone. Endocrinologists have dedicated their practices to identifying and treating hormone deficiency in people of all ages. This is made possible with the help of synthetically extracted hormones.

Most hormones are produced within the endocrine system and generally regulate metabolic functions, reproductive and sexual human properties, and mental capabilities. It cannot be stressed enough that hormones have a miraculous effect on the body.

This becomes much too clear when levels of hormones sharply fall and the patient suffers from various signs and symptoms, ranging in intensity. In some cases, a lack of hormones can bring about extremely serious diseases such as heart conditions, osteoporosis, vascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, and more.

The process of reviving the body’s natural production of hormones is referred to as Hormone Replacement Therapy. The most common hormones that people lack are testosterone, estrogen, and human growth hormone. The latter two start to decline most commonly due to aging, more specifically when women hit menopause and men andropause.

They are the cause of physical changes one goes through when they hit puberty such as breast development, menstruation, growth of sex organs, voice regulation, hair growth, and many more. The human growth hormone, or HGH, is found in both males and females alike and serves an immense purpose for the body in many ways. It is secreted by the pituitary gland and regulated by the liver. Its main purpose is stimulation of cells and tissues, conversion of fatty cells into muscle mass, energy levels, regulation of sleep patterns, mental stability, upkeep of metabolism, and more countless effects.

To our dismay we do not live in a perfect world, but rather in one where nothing lasts for long. During teenage years, our bodies seem to function smoothly and our minds work effortlessly. As time passes, however, this starts to change very quickly.

By the time you reach the age of 30 you may have on average a 20% less of all hormones of the organism. This severe drop in hormones brings with it symptoms that can be noticed first-hand by the aging individual, just as by a child with stunted growth or natural birth defect. Luckily for us, treatments such as HGH therapy and testosterone therapy restore our supply of hormones for good.