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Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Benefits of TestosteroneAs men age, their bodies are in need of higher levels of hormones. We naturally begin to stop producing normal levels of many hormones, including testosterone. Many men today replace the level of hormone lost with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and find themselves back on track!

The many benefits of testosterone therapy are incredible and the treatment may just be right for you. What should one expect from TRT? Well, to tell you what you can absolutely expect would be wrong and this is because every man on planet earth is different in some way or another from the next.

As cliche as it sounds, we are truly and internally, unique. The way hormone treatment is going to effect one being may be the direct opposite of another. However, many who have used the treatment report strengthened energy levels, sex drive, an increase in bone density, muscle mass and sometimes even an increased insulin sensitivity-which could be a benefit to those with diabetes, or help reduce the risk of the disease for those who still have functioning pancreases. Other illnesses that testosterone deficiency is linked to exist! For example, prevalence of osteoporosis in men deficient with testosterone is double that of those with normal levels.

How fast are benefits of testosterone therapy?

Again, all of us are different. While some men report almost immediate alleviation, others notice the change very gradually and in few cases, not at all. The quickest symptoms that seem to change in patients is an improvement in mood, which is reported most often.

Whether or not any benefits of testosterone therapy is barely noticeable or a major boost is entirely individualized. Estimations by physicians and scientists predict about one in ten men are “ecstatic” on how their treatment is assimilating to their bodies. However, about the same number of men do not seem to identify much of a change at all. Although responses to the risks or benefits of testosterone therapy are varying, generally patients see it all as a positive. Perhaps this is because one of the best benefits of testosterone therapy is the idea of longevity. No, we can’t promise you a life forever-but we can help make the rest of your life feel as though it were brand new.

I want benefits of testosterone therapy

First and foremost, we are as eager as you are to help yourself connect back to your fountain of youth! However, it must be said that physicians should consult their patients regarding testosterone replacement therapy-specifically speaking-the benefits and risk, as these things are often times subjective. The successful management of testosterone replacement therapy will require the appropriate evaluation and awareness of all risks and/or benefits of the treatment from your primary care physician. Rejuvenating the playful and youthful side of your soul is a wonderful journey when done correctly. It can improve many effects of hypogonadism.

Beneficial effects on your mood, energy levels, sense of well-being, sexual function, lean body mass, muscle strength, erythropoiesis, bone mineral density (BMD), cognition, and even benefits on cardiovascular risk factors are all available if you are deficient of testosterone. All of these life changing benefits are bundled together and offered through testosterone replacement therapy, which in the United States, has had a substantial increase since 1993 (more than 500%) in prescription sales of testosterone products.