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HGH Shots

What Is HGH Shots?

Human growth hormone shots: benefits and side effectsGrowth hormone shots are subcutaneous or intramuscular injections, delivering human growth hormone directly to your blood. The hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, but with age or for various other reasons, the body’s natural ability to produce HGH decreases and it suffers from hormone deficiency. Growth hormone shots have become an effective way of compensating for this deficiency and eliminating all the unpleasant symptoms it causes.

These days, human growth hormone is synthesized in laboratories, and HGH shots are brought to you in the form of dry powder that needs to be reconstituted. Human growth hormone shots can easily be reconstituted and injected at home, provided that you have carefully studied the instructions.

Human Growth Hormone Shots: Benefits & Side Effects

HGH shots are the most effective way of supplying your body with supplemental growth hormone, the core hormone responsible for the growth of cells and tissues.

With age, the body’s ability to produce this hormone decreases, leading to unpleasant symptoms of HGH deficiency, like premature aging or decreased energy. Growth hormone shots deliver the hormone right into the bloodstream, ensuring the most immediate effect.

As soon as within the first month of HGH shots therapy, patients experience its positive effects, including disappearance of fat, muscle growth, better libido, improved condition of skin and hair. Growth hormone shots have the power to positively impact most important bodily functions, such as eyesight, mental and physical activity, kidney function, and much more.

HGH shot side effects are also possible: like any other medication, growth hormone shots have potential side effects, but it is worth noting they are extremely rare. HGH shot side effects are observed only when the dosage is higher than normal or the period of treatment is overly extended. Possible side effects may include:

  • tunnel syndrome (pain and numbness in the limbs);
  • an abnormal increase or decrease of insulin level;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • increased size of internal organs (only when the dosage is drastically exceeded);
  • irregular bone growth.

It is essential to remember that HGH shot side effects are only observed when the patients abuse the hormone, so make sure you follow the doctor’s prescription, and you are safe to avoid any negative effects.

HGH Shots and Weight Loss

HGH shots and weight lossWhen the link between human growth hormone shots and weight loss was discovered, this method of treatment gained even more popularity. With the hormone’s ability to stimulate weight loss, HGH shots are a good alternative to surgical methods like liposuction, as well as to steroidal weight loss medication.

So, how do growth hormone shots trigger weight loss? The growth hormone is responsible for good metabolism, and when the body starts producing it in fewer quantities, metabolism slows down and the fat to muscle ratio becomes higher. When you start HGH shots therapy, the level of hormone in your body increases, causing an increase in testosterone level as well.

As a result, your metabolism improves, and its higher rate causes molecules of fat to break down in order to release energy. In addition to burning the fat, growth hormone shots help you develop lean body mass, which makes them an excellent method for acquiring better physical shape.

HGH shot side effects are minimal, compared to those other weight loss methods may have, so growth hormone shots are gaining popularity as safe and effective treatment.

HGH Shots: Pros and Cons

The main argument for using growth hormone shots is the numerous positive health effects they have. Compensating for a decreased level of HGH in your body, human growth hormone shots can trigger weight loss, improve stamina, increase energy, and do much more. Unlike other forms of HGH replacement treatment, growth hormone shots immediately deliver the hormone into the bloodstream, providing faster and better results.

As for the disadvantages, HGH shots price is the main of them. HGH replacement therapy is as expensive as it is effective, so it is not a treatment method everyone can afford. In addition, human growth hormone shots have potential side effects that can appear when the treatment period is too long or the dosage higher than prescribed.

HGH Shots: Where to Inject?

HGH shots can be injected into pretty much any muscle as an intramuscular injection, or under the skin in the area of your stomach. Beware that HGH shots are less painful when injected above the belly button. Inner thigh is also recommended as a preferred area for growth hormone shots. Make sure you use a different spot for each injection to prevent dents in the body fat (which is not common, but possible due to potential localized fat reduction effect).

How to Take HGH Shots?

For a subcutaneous HGH shot, pinch the skin between your abs, insert the needle at 30-45 degrees, and release the medication under the skin. For an intramuscular growth hormone shot, fully insert the needle into the muscle (gluteus or shoulder) and inject the medication.

Where Can I Get HGH Shots?

After hearing about the positive effects HGH shots have, your primary question must be “Where can I get HGH shots?” HGH shots cost is relatively high, but this medication can easily be obtained online or from a physician that specializes in hormone replacement therapy. Remember that real and legal HGH shots are only sold by prescription, whether you choose to get HGH from your doctor or buy HGH shots online.

HGH Shots from Wellness MGT corp.

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