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Tev Tropin

Tev-Tropin is a polypeptide made with DNA recombinant technology. It has a molecular weight of about 22,124 Daltons and replicates the sequence of amino acids special to the human growth hormone. Tev-Tropin stimulates skeletal as well as cell and organ growth. This is necessary for patients with growth hormone deficiency whose bodies do not produce enough growth hormone on their own. Treatment with Tev-Tropin has been proven to increase the number and size of muscle cells as well as concentrations of IGF-1 and serum alkaline phosphatase. Metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, connective tissues and minerals is also stimulated with Tev-Tropin. 

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Bioidentical copies of certain hormones of the body can be made to replicate their functions. Tev-Tropin, to be specific, mimics the 191 amino acid sequence of HGH, the human growth hormone. It is responsible for normal growth and development, memory function, bone health, metabolism, and much more.

Without sufficient amounts of human growth hormone, our body lacks what it needs to grow and function smoothly. Unfortunately for some children whose pituitary glands do not secrete enough HGH, growth failure can lead to serious disorders such as Prader-Willi Syndrome. Non-growth deficient patients are prohibited from use of Tev-Tropin and other growth stimulants.

Indications For and Against Tev-Tropin

Tev-Tropin is meant for treatment of growth failure in children due to inadequate endogenous growth hormone secretion. Adults with growth hormone deficiency are not recommended to take Tev-Tropin. Instead they can ask a doctor about other growth stimulants such as Humatrope and Genotropin.

Indications against Tev-Tropin include active malignancies, diabetic retinopathy, growing intracranial tumors, acute critical illness, and respiratory impairment or obesity for those with Prader-Willi syndrome. Precaution should be taken by those with scoliosis, thyroid dysfunction, glucose tolerance, and by pregnant or nursing women.

Inform your doctor or physician of any other medicines you are taking and of any past medical conditions. Follow the guidance of your doctor with care. Never exceed dosages or abruptly stop treatment on your own.

Usage and Non-Usage of Tev-Tropin

Only children have been approved for the use of Tev-Tropin. It is only possible to attain legal, safe, and effective Tev-Tropin through a doctor’s prescription. To make sure that Tev-Tropin is introduced gradually and safely to your body, a personalized treatment plan must be followed. Self-diagnosis is impossible, which is why you must consult with a doctor. After the doctor makes a diagnosis, you can attain a prescription for Tev-Trpin along with administration instructions.

Contraindications of Tev-Tropin include the following:

  • Patients with a known allergy or sensitivity to bacteriostatic sodium chloride injection, metacresol, saline or benzyl alcohol are advised to choose an alternative medication.
  • Current cancer patients should not use Tev-Tropin, especially if they are currently undergoing treatment or have existing growths or tumors.
  • Anyone with an acute critical illness due to complications of surgery, trauma, or acute respiratory failure should not use Tev-Tropin
  • Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome that are extremely overweight, have signs or history of upper airway construction, or have extreme breathing problems are also advised not to take Tev-Tropin.
  • Patients with diabetic retinopathy cannot be given this medicine.
  • Nursing or pregnant women, as well as patients over the age of 65 are not recommended for treatment with Tev-Tropin.

Tev-Tropin Administration

Tev-Tropin should be administered subcutaneously, meaning injected into the fat layer between the skin and muscle. This process is very similar to Diabetes patients who have to regularly inject insulin to control blood sugar levels. Tev-Tropin is supplied in vials or as an injection device, made easy to use and customize to your treatment. When injecting, choose a different area each time to avoid negative reaction. Best injection sites are areas with soft, loose skin away from joints and nerves.

A typical dosage of Tev-Tropin goes up to 0.1 milligrams for each kg of body weight injected 3 times a week. Do not shake the solution once it has been mixed with the diluent. If shaking occurs, the solution may become cloudy or have particle matter. In this case it can no longer be injected. If cloudiness appears after refrigeration, allow the solution to rise to room temperature and only use if cloudiness disappears. Tev-Tropin can be used through a standard syringe that is disposable or an injection device. Refrigerate Tev-Tropin before and after reconstitution. Your doctor or physician can show sterilization and injection techniques to you.

Tev-Tropin Dosage

A standard dosage applied to Tev-Tropin is 0.1 milligrams per kg of body weight administered 3 times a week. This amount should not be exceeded. If prescribed less, do not exceed the prescribed amount.

Should a situation come up in which you miss a dose, skip it if it is close to your next dose. However, if you remember that you missed your dose not too long ago, you should take it as soon as you remember. Never try to “double up” on dosage if you skipped any. Overdosage can bring consequences such headaches, dizziness, nausea, cold sweats, tremors, drowsiness, and increased heartbeat.

Strictly use Tev-Tropin as directed by your doctor or physician.

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