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Testosterone injections side effects

Side effects of testosterone injections Testosterone is considered one of the most important hormones, found in the body of both a man and a woman. It is this hormone that determines the primary external characteristics and behaviors of boys and regulates normal function of systems in girls.

The greatest amount of this hormone is produced in the male reproductive organs - the testes and the adrenal glands. Women also produce smaller quantities in the ovaries and adrenal glands. Unfortunately, after 35 years of age, the level of this hormone begins to fall neverendless, bringing with it a number of unpleasant factors, which can lead to various diseases in the future. These changes do not only have sexual characteristics, but psycho-emotional and physical too. This ultimately leads a man into a state of menopause.

Symptoms of low testosterone in men and women

Despite the fact that the male and female testosterone is produced in absolutely different quantities, the lives of both sexes are affected in a negative way when levels decline. Before you even turn to a specialist, you can predict whether your testosterone levels are low or normal. Everyone can independently identify the signs of low t, but not everyone is affected the same way. Highlighted below are the key signs of low testosterone:

  • Decrease of vitality;
  • Life becomes dull and uninteresting;
  • Muscles tissues are replaced by fat deposits;
  • Erectile Dysfunction, which gives way to the possibility of impotence.
  • Significant decrease in mental capacity;
  • Increased nervousness and irritability;
  • Significant decrease in hair growth on the body and/or face;
  • Cease of the menstrual cycle.

Regardless of the extent of the symptoms of low testosterone, you can be sure that this is just the beginning if you choose to ignore them. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion is it better to turn to a specialist and be recommended a suitable course of drugs to increase testosterone.

What are testosterone injections

Side effects and testosterone injectionsInjectable testosterone is a synthetic version of natural testosterone, which is produced in the human body. The main purpose of this drug is to replenish the stock of testosterone, which has depleted over the years.

Injections are considered to be the most effective therapy for increasing testosterone levels, seeing as how in this form the drug can immediately enter the bloodstream so it can begin its miraculous revival of the body. If you compare it with the analogue form of tablets, it is more than 3 times more effective. Tablets do not dissolve fully in the stomach and are lost in absorption. This is not to mention that testosterone injections are much safer. Pill forms of testosterone take a toll on your kidneys and may cause rocks and sand.

Testosterone injections have gained mass popularity not only among athletes but also among the stars who look beautiful and healthy as long as they live. Alas, overdose of the testosterone injection, as well as any other drug, causes negative testosterone injections side effects.

Testosterone significantly affects the kidneys, causing them to hold more water and salt. Too much of this naturally leads to rare side effects of testosterone injections. Extremely large doses can even lead to kidney failure. Too much water weight in the human body can also affects blood pressure, cause migraines, and even offset epilepsy.

Upon injection of extensive doses of testosterone injections, testosterone injections side effects are bound to affect the metabolism, as it begins to in turn convert it into estrogen, which can cause augmentation of the breasts. Those who have any suspicion of cancer are strictly forbidden to take this drug, seeing as how it can cause an even more active growth of cancer cells.

In rare cases, side effects of testosterone injections are manifested in excessive sexual arousal, which can be painful and decrease quality of the erection. This in turn does not have the best impact on men's health.

Finally, testosterone injections can cause individual side effects that arise as a result of it personal effect of the body. That is why before you start taking testosterone it is extremely important to consult a qualified professional of our company.

Minimizing side effects

As it is clear, testosterone injections side effects will not have the best impact on your life. This is why before you take this medication you should consult with our doctor. To start the process, all you must do is fill out a medical form on our website, after which our specialist will make an appointment with you.

Once you have passed a simple blood test, our specialist will inspect your hormonal levels and decide whether you require injections of testosterone. You can get a prescription then for a proper dosage that will not side effects. You can be sure that at any time, turning to us will only help you positively affect your health.

Do not forget that the side effects of testosterone injections in 95% of all cases occur due to an overdose. Therefore, stick to the dosage and take good care of your health.

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