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Growth Hormone Injections – Dosage And Effects

Human growth hormone synthesized within the human body is known as somatotropin whereas the recombinant growth hormone synthesized to reduce deficiency is called somatropin. In this article, we will provide an overview to the readers about growth hormone injection cost and its physiological effects.

Growth hormone shots

Growth Hormone InjectionsTo be honest, growth hormone injections sometimes have sky-high costs. It is one of the most expensive drugs whose cost starts from $800 and can go up to $3,000 per month. This price difference is due to the manufacturers and brands. Some high quality US brands like Humatrope will definitely cost more than cheaper manufacturing brands. Normally, the packaged product is available in the form of powder and the person getting HGH shots has to visit the doctor who will make its solution in bacteriostatic water before injecting.

Other parameters must be kept constant along with it. The injection must be refrigerated prior to use in order to keep it stable. Some brands have developed an easy-to-use injectable HGH in a pen but in any case, the patient should have a prescription.

Growth hormone effects

It’s surprising to know that anabolic steroids do not exist in nature but the synthetic growth hormone depicts some characteristics similar to anabolic steroids. This is the prime reason for the exploitation of this drug. Various athletes use injectable HGH to build strength and strong muscles without getting detected. The misuse of human growth hormone injections is the major area of concern because it increases the risk of various types of cancers. Other side-effects from the unprescribed use of HGH are water retention, pain in joints, breast enlargement in males and may cause irreparable damage to the liver.

Growth hormone dosage

The stable dosage of HGH was 16.5 IU given thrice in a week was too high because it had certain side-effects. After several clinical trials, it was determined that the chances of risks can be reduced to a great extent when the dose is lowered but the frequency of administration is increased. Now the ideal dose is 4-8 IU which is divided into 2 doses within a day for 5 to 6 days in a week. The prescribed users can take a subcutaneous injection in the morning or while going to bed. For one or two days in a week, the dose is totally skipped. The amount of dose mentioned above is a reference value and may vary according to the age, sex and physiological condition of the patient.

However, to administer the maximum dose, it is important to start it with a smaller dose. Most physicians start with as low as 0.5 IU in a day and then increase the dose to 0.5 IU monthly. This increase can be more gradual in older and sensitive patients.

Growth Hormone Shots to Lose Weight

One of the most frequently asked growth hormone shots questions is “Do growth hormone shots work for weight loss?” The fat reduction effect of HGH is one of the main reasons why so many patients try to get a prescription for growth hormone shots to lose weight. This effect makes HGH an increasingly popular alternative to plastic surgery (liposuction) and steroidal weight loss drugs.

So how do growth hormone shots work for losing extra weight? HGH is directly related to good metabolism, but with age its level drops and metabolism slows down. That is why many people start gaining weight after 30, even if their eating habits and lifestyle don’t change. Growth hormone shots in adults increase the level of HGH in the blood, leading to an increase of testosterone level as well. This speeds up metabolism, and molecules of fat start breaking down to supply more energy for the body. At the same time, one of the effects of growth hormone shots is increasing muscle mass. As the fat is burned and muscles acquire better shape, your overall physical shape is significantly improved. HGH injections are especially effective for burning belly fat, which is particularly difficult to get rid of with diets and exercise.

What Are the Side Effects of Growth Hormone Shots?

Any medication has certain side effects that appear because of improper use or an individual reaction of the body. If you are planning a course of treatment, you must be asking around “What are the side effects of growth hormone shots?” The possible side effects can show as disturbing but not too severe symptoms, but they also include the risk of serious medical conditions.

Negative side effects of HGH include:

  • nausea
  • water retention, causing swollen feet and hands
  • carpal tunnel syndrome (numbness or tingling in fingers and hands)
  • muscle stiffness
  • mood swings
  • poor sleep
  • excessive sweating
  • and some others.

In more serious cases, HGH can cause or intensify rather severe health issues, such as:

  • acromegalia (irregular growth of bones, especially facial bones)
  • heart disease, due to the growth of tissue
  • bronchitis or asthma
  • diabetes (HGH can worsen the condition of a patient suffering from diabetes)
  • cancer (there might be a link between HGH and leukemia, and the hormone can trigger tumor growth in cancer patients).

The side effects of growth hormone shots, however, only appear when the medication is used out of prescribed dosage or term of treatment, or the injections are low-quality product, purchased on the black market. That’s why you should get prescribed and licensed HGH shots in order not to expose yourself to the risks.

Growth Hormone Shots Cost

As mentioned earlier, monthly growth hormone shots cost can be anywhere from $800 to $3,000, and the course of treatment is normally 6 months. It is difficult to give a clear answer to the question about growth hormone shots cost, because the total cost of your treatment will depend on many factors: the dosage prescribed, the treatment term, the brand you purchase. Some manufacturers offer HGH shots with one-time travel syringes, others supply the medication with digital displays, showing the dosage - all these features influence the price of each product.

Does Insurance Cover Growth Hormone Shots?

Given the fairly high costs of HGH therapy, most patients are wondering “Does insurance cover growth hormone shots”? The answer can vary depending on the policy, but mostly it depends on what is human growth hormone shots in your particular case. For patients with hypopituitarism, who are prescribed HGH shots as treatment, the cost of therapy is normally covered by the policy. If you are prescribed HGH to treat age-related hormone deficiency, however, most insurance companies will not cover the course.

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