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Low Testosterone Causes

Low t causesTestosterone can accurately be described as the main male hormone that is responsible for the normal development of secondary sexual characteristics in both men and women.

At a young age, testosterone causes rapid development of the body, including the male genitalia, hair growth throughout the entire body, and an increase of muscle mass and strength. In addition, normal testosterone levels support high libido, stable muscle mass, bone mass, and potency.

On top of all this, it is testosterone that provides boys and men with their "masculine" behavior, corresponding to the stereotypes of males. It also affects the formation of blood cells, promotes composition of blood lipids, and regulates the male body's sensitivity to glucose.

Symptoms of decreasing testosterone

To make it easier for each man to determine whether he possesses a problematic testosterone level, highlighted below are the key symptoms that appear in every person with a problem of low testosterone levels:

  • Sexual symptoms - significant decrease in sexual desire, frequency, and low quality of erections, difficulty achieving an optimal intensity "peak" of pleasure, significant decrease in the sensitivity of the penis. Sometimes sexual-related symptoms are the only ones manifested due to testosterone deficit. It is these symptoms that most often persuade a man with low t to see a doctor.
  • Psychological, emotional, and behavioral symptoms - worsening mood, depression, lowered mental and physical function, increased sleepiness during the day, sleep impairment, dullness of emotion and constant sense of fear.
  • Vegetative-vascular symptoms - heart pain, unstable blood pressure levels, hypertension, headaches, hot flashes, frequent constipation, palpitations of the heart.
  • Metabolic symptoms - often characterized through significant increase of fat content and decrease in muscle mass and strength, reduction in rate of hair growth, lessened physical endurance, skin atrophy, anemia, and increased fragility of bones possibly to the point of developing osteoporosis.

It is expected that not every person is 100% clear on what causes low testosterone and how the problem manifests itself. However, it is a fact that low levels of this hormone can lead to significant deterioration of the quality of life and premature aging.

What causes low testosterone

So, you already know what the symptoms are, but what causes low testosterone? The causes of low testosterone are explained below:

  • Age - this is of the main low testosterone causes. After 40 years of age, there begins to be a significant reduction is the amount of male testosterone produced in the body. In turn, this is related to aging and until recently, was an irreversible process. Now modern medicine has provided the opportunity for all to pursue hormone replacement therapy to anyone interested in a healthy life.
  • Poor diet - a diet that does not utilize all the necessary vitamins and minerals can of the biggest causes of low testosterone. After all, in order for your body to function at optimal capacity, it must be supplied with all the necessary ingredients that are needed for the formation of testosterone molecules.
  • One of the most dangerous causes of low testosterone is being overweight or obese. In this case, obesity significantly inhibits the production of the male hormone. Secondly, it triggers the production of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which has a negative impact on the appearance and well-being of the male's body.
  • It goes without saying that harmful habits have a negative impact on the level of testosterone in the bloodstream. These are things such as smoking, consuming alcohol frequently, and drugs.
  • All of these contribute greatly to the reduction of testosterone in a very short time period.
Sometimes low testosterone causes lie in the lack of physical activity. That is, a person does not partake in any form of exercise or weightlifting. These activities trigger the natural production of testosterone. Nevertheless, do not forget that too much exercise can also lead you to ask, "What causes low levels of testosterone?"

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