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HGH Prescription

If you are planning to start human growth hormone therapy, the key questions on your mind must be “Do you need a prescription for HGH?” and “How to get a prescription for HGH if I do need it?” We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning HGH prescriptions for your reference.

Does HGH require a prescription?

HGH prescriptionSo do you need a prescription for HGH? If you want to purchase real growth hormone legally, the answer is definitely yes. HGH is a controlled medication, which means it requires a prescription from a certified physician, based on a certain diagnosis.

HGH prescription requirements are stringent and the diagnosis must be backed up with a blood test and a full medical examination. Besides, human growth hormone should be taken with care in appropriate doses that only a physician can determine for you, so HGH prescription is the only way to ensure your human growth hormone therapy will be safe and will have the desired effect.

HGH without prescription can pose risk to your health, so getting HGH prescription from doctor is not only obligatory in terms of law, but also medically justified.

What is HGH prescribed for?

The reasons for HGH prescription are not that numerous. Most often, HGH prescriptions are issued for patients suffering from Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency or hormone imbalance. Other health conditions HGH prescription can be based on include:

In adults
  • muscle-wasting disease, caused by HIV/AIDS;
  • short bowel syndrome.
In children
  • HGH deficiency;
  • poor growth and short stature of unknown cause;
  • chronic kidney condition (insufficiency);
  • some genetic disorders, causing slowed down development and low level of sex hormones.

How to get legal growth hormone prescription?

To get HGH prescription legally, you need to go through a medical examination and a blood test, as well as prepare detailed information on your medical history. If all this data suggest you suffer from a health condition that requires HGH prescription, a certified physician can prescribe the treatment course for you. Keep in mind that only HGH medication officially imported to the US and supplied by a US-based provider can be purchased legally.

How to find a doctor who can prescribe HGH?

Not every physician will be able to issue growth hormone prescription for you. To get HGH prescription, you will need to see a doctor, specializing in hormone therapy, HGH treatment in particular. These specialists include endocrinologists, Anti-Aging Medicine Doctors, and Age Management Physicians.

It is possible that you won’t find a doctor to provide you with a growth hormone prescription in your local clinic. In that case, you can get online HGH prescription, using the services of licensed physicians anywhere in the United States. At Wellness MGT, we offer you a possibility to get HGH prescription online by contacting our medical experts, specializing in hormone replacement therapy.

How to get HGH prescription online?

Legal growth hormone prescriptionAn online HGH prescription is a good way to save you the time and trouble it takes to look for an HGH specialist locally or travel to a clinic. Besides, you can buy HGH online directly from the supplier, whose physician prescribed human growth hormone for you. However, keep in mind that HGH prescription online will require the same careful medical examination: to get online HGH prescription from doctor, a simple call or email request will not suffice.

The procedure of obtaining an online HGH prescription requires you to send your blood test for examination in a laboratory. The results will then be forwarded to your HGH specialist for review. In addition, you will need to get a physical at your local clinic and send its results to the HGH doctor as well. Finally, you will be asked to complete an online form, providing details of your medical history. Only when all these data are forwarded to your HGH physician, they will be able to diagnose you with HGH deficiency (if that is the case) and issue an online HGH prescription for you.

Wellness MGT offers you online HGH prescription service, using the expertise of certified physicians in the hormone replacement therapy field. When your HGH prescription is ready, you will also be able to order the medication you need online and have it delivered to your home.

How much does HGH prescription cost?

You might now be wondering about HGH prescription cost. The question “how much does HGH prescription cost” is not the one you can find a definite answer for. That is because HGH prescription cost can vary greatly depending on the dosage of the injections you order, the duration of treatment, as well as the brand of the HGH product. Some brands supply HGH injections with a digital dose display and a needle guard; others come with disposable premeasured syringes - all these details will influence the final cost of your therapy.

As for the cost of HGH prescription itself, for an online HGH prescription you don’t have to pay anything but the cost of your blood test and your HGH doctor’s services. Besides, online suppliers might be able to offer you more attractive HGH pricing as compared with local chemistries, while self-injectable HGH doesn’t make you pay for injections at a clinic. That makes HGH prescription online the most hassle-free and cost-effective option for getting your human growth hormone treatment.

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