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Low Testosterone

Testosterone - a crucial hormone that is present in the body of both men and women. It is responsible for the normal functioning of body processes that occur every day in the human body. But do not forget that with age, every man emerges with significantly reduced levels of the hormone, which in turn could have a negative impact on his health.

At its core, the hormone testosterone is what makes a man a man. The active release of this hormone in adulthood can significantly strengthen bones, deepen the voice, and significantly increase libido. Low testosterone is observed most often in people over 40 years of age - when, as is well known, there occur the most common problems of men in their sexual life.

What does low testosterone levels mean

Low TLow testosterone levels is a phenomenon that occurs when the human body is observed with less than 300 nanograms per deciliter of a hormone in the blood.

It is worth noting that women also experience the loss of testosterone considerably faster than that of boys - if during female menopause estrogen level drops in a few months, the decline in testosterone levels in men can take place over the years. In spite of this, men are much harder on themselves when they feel symptoms of decline, which are a little bit later nevertheless.

Regardless of the pace of falling testosterone levels, you can say one thing - the quality of life will be affected in a negative way. However, thanks to modern genetic engineering, there is the possibility of replenishment of your natural testosterone levels with injections. Worth noting is the fact that, unlike his predecessors, which raise the level of testosterone but halt its excretion of the body - modern drugs, in turn, not only replenish the body of testosterone, but they also have a positive impact on the rate of release of its own, which only in a positive way affects the health of the patient.

Ten signs of low testosterone

As you already know , low testosterone is no good for human life. But you yourself must understand when there are first signs of decline, you need to take action. So, you have low testosterone levels if:

  • You have a significantly decreased sex drive;
  • You feel chronic lethargy and apathy;
  • You have significantly decreased stamina;
  • You forgot what it means to enjoy life;
  • You are more sad or irritable;
  • You have significantly decreased erection;
  • You have lost interest in sports and everything connected with it;
  • You always want to sleep;
  • Deteriorated mental performance.

How does low level of testosterone affect human health ?

Oddly enough, the effects of low testosterone on the human body are not yet fully understood. It is fair to say that the chronic symptoms such as obesity, depression, diabetes and heart disease - all of it can be credited to low testosterone.

Testosterone strengthens bones, and hence low testosterone causes the bones to become thinner and more brittle, causing in turn various diseases, even osteoporosis. For example, there are cases where men due to low levels of testosterone at the slightest bumps suffer from hip fracture. As a consequence, it can be argued that the treatment of low testosterone levels significantly reduces the risk of bone fractures.

But do not forget that the overabundance of testosterone affects you no less than the lack of it. Since the brain, namely its cells, are resistant to a large amount of the hormone, testosterone either allows them to thrive or kills them. A surplus can be manifested in irritability, undue cruelty, aggression, irritability and even suicidal thoughts. But do not forget that a surplus means the excess of the norm a multiple-fold.

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Fight low testosterone together

You already know that low testosterone is not the best way to strengthen the lives of men. That is why the specialists of our company offer everyone the chance to fill out a form on the website that will ensure that in no time you will be contacted by a qualified professional who can help you determine the level of testosterone in your body, and if necessary, will issue a prescription for testosterone injections for its stabilization.

The experience of our staff allows you to quickly carry out such research. Sure, everyone will appreciate the personal touch that our facility practices. All injections were offered by us have surely passed the appropriate certification, which confirms the quality of the drug. You in turn can be sure that the injections will be completely safe for your health.

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