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HRT for Men and Women - Cost and Doctors

Men and women around the world face a struggle once they pass the age of 30. After that, their quality of health only seems to get worse. Although this happens to everyone, those that decide to take their health into their own hands experience great benefits psychologically and physically alike. The best way to reverse the negative consequences that come with age is through hormone replacement therapy for men and women, otherwise referred to as “HRT”. Becoming educated on the topic will make you realize that HRT can give you a second chance to look and feel young again.

Hormone replacement therapy for women

Hormone replacement therapyHRT has become very popular amongst women going through menopause. This frenzy is justified by the ever increasing safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Essentially, hormone replacement therapy for women reinstates the level of hormones typically found in the woman’s body, specifically estrogen and progesterone. In addition to these, there are many other hormones, such as HGH (the human growth hormone) and testosterone, that gravely impact the well-being of a female’s mind and body. When hormonal levels drop, as they are bound to as a female approaches menopause, women suffer from many symptoms.

Some of these include but are not limited to difficulty concentrating, excess fat buildup, night sweats, trouble sleeping, thinning hair or even balding, moodiness, and much more. This can greatly interfere with the woman’s ability to lead a normal lifestyle. In fact, many report that their life changes so drastically that they are no longer able to perform at work or keep up with tasks at home, not to mention have a healthy and active social life.

All of these unpleasant symptoms can be relieved through hormone replacement therapy for women. Menopausal women have reported that after treatment their muscle function greatly improves and they are easily able to lose any excess fat that they had previously gained. Along with that, studies have shown that HRT protects against brain aneurysms, heart attack and failure. Taking the first step to a consultation with a doctor is the best decision many women have made, so they have said.

Hormone replacement therapy for men

Hormone replacement therapy for menFor many men its quite unpleasant to hear about their loss of testosterone, which is attributed mostly to their “manliness.” However, it is inevitable that levels of this hormone, along with others, decline as they grow older. Each and every male has a period in their life when they are going through “andropause,” which is the male equivalent of menopause in females.

During this time they experience various negative effects such as hair loss, fatigue, irritability, inability to sleep, muscle loss, depression, low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. All of the mentioned effects stem from the imbalance of one or more hormones. This can easily be fixed with male HRT therapy. What happens during male HRT therapy is that messengers are released into the body that signal the pituitary gland to produce more testosterone.

Male hormone replacement therapy cost is usually relatively low and is dependent on the form it is taken in. Many different distribution methods are also available. Male hormone replacement therapy doctors are available all around the world and are growing in numbers as demand of the treatment is increasing as well.

Female and male hormone replacement therapy doctors and cost

The market for HRT is on the rise, and we are fully committed to providing only the best female and male hormone replacement therapy doctors. When you decide to consult with us, you will receive top notch care, starting from a simple test of hormonal levels and ending with products that is guaranteed safe and fully effective. This is not to mention that female and male hormone replacement therapy cost will be kept to an absolute minimum. Contact us to find out more and get started on your life-changing journey today.

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