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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Side Effects

There is a well-known phrase that is used and followed by many. It is, "better safe than sorry." This applies well to the situation of HGH side effects. It is much better to know all the information before you dive into treatment. The purpose of many clinics that offer HGH is to cloud your mind and get you to buy their product as soon as possible. With us, this is not the case. We are committed to providing you all the necessary information you may need to make an informed decision about HGH therapy.

The scoop on HGH therapy and HGH side effects

Growth Hormone side effectsHGH deficiency can result from many different circumstances. For one, it could come from a birth deficiency, in which case HGH therapy is recommended at a very early age. Likewise, it could be instated after an injury, especially one to the pituitary gland, where human growth hormone is produced.

But the most common way of becoming deficient of HGH is the most natural - aging. It is bound to happen to each and every one of us, but that does not mean that you should throw in the towel when you start to notice your body and mind become more stagnant. In order to fight hormone deficiency, decades of research have been dedicated to creating a supplemental form of HGH.

Finally, the science has been perfected so that anyone in need of treatment can enjoy its benefits. Our company has dedicated itself to making it available. Not only that, but we only offer certified products that are safe, legal, and extremely effective, along with unbeatable prices. The HGH therapies we offer will treat all symptoms of low HGH, leaving you looking and feeling great.

The scoop about human growth hormone side effects

We would never mislead you into thinking there is absolutely no chance of human growth hormone side effects. In fact, there do exist potential HGH side effects. However, they only occur if the HGH supplements are misused. This happens far too often by those who decide to buy HGH products from suspicious "clinics." Although they may be offering the lowest prices, their supplements are not certified and in fact illegal. Nevertheless, people try to forego the process of getting a blood test and simply buy HGH injections online, not knowing what dosage to take.

Human growth hormone side effectsTaking a dosage that is higher than the level of HGH your body is lacking (which can only be determined through a blood or urine test) will have negative impact on your body. These unwanted human growth hormone side effects can be noticeable right away, or may take a while to become severe enough to notice.

Fortunately, most of them are temporary. These effects include swelling and joint pain, water retention, excessive hair growth, low blood sugar levels, resistance to insulin, and liver damage. Let's go back to our golden phrase, "better safe than sorry".

Ensure your safety by purchasing certified HGH products and following the required process. With our services, you will be advised and guided every step of the way so that you can avoid any side effects. Should any appear, your assigned physician can detect the cause of the problem and take the necessary precautions so that these side effects only last for the short term. Usually, the recommended process of HGH therapy is to take a full cycle of treatment, which usually lasts about 6 months. After that there needs to be a break taken of about one year before you can take another cycle of treatment.

HGH Side Effects: Headache, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Surgery, Breathing Problems

When the dosage of HGH is exceeded or the term of treatment overly prolonged, HGH side effects can take a fairly serious form. Some of the most feared side effects include headache, diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems, and even cancer. For you to be aware when and why these symptoms may occur, here is a short insight into each.

HGH Side Effects: Headache

In abnormal doses, human growth hormone can affect the nervous system. This impact shows as weakness, paresthesia, and, particularly, headaches. The headache can also be related to the cardiovascular system, with HGH causing intracranial hypertension.

Heart Disease

Being a hormone that promotes tissue growth, HGH in large doses can lead to excessive growth of the heart. This can result in heart disease and increased risk of heart failure.

Breathing Problems

HGH abuse has a number of respiratory effects, starting with breathing problems and ending with bronchitis and rhinitis.


In abnormal doses, HGH can cause insulin resistance, thus worsening the condition of a patient already suffering from diabetes or increasing the risk of the disease.

HGH Side Effects: Cancer

There are rare cases when HGH patients are reported to develop leukemia, but the link between the hormone use and the disease is not established. In patients with cancer, human growth hormone can influence the growth of the tumor due to its ability to promote cellular growth.

HGH Side Effects Rating in Adults

HGH side effects in adults vary from unpleasant, but not too disturbing symptoms, like inclination to take baby naps, to serious health issues like heart disease or the most dangerous of HGH side effects - cancer. It is fair to note though that there are no proven cases of HGH initiating appearance of tumors, but in patients already having cancer, the hormone can trigger its growth. Some of the HGH side effects in female and male patients are commonly observed, others are extremely rare and only appear when HGH is seriously abused. According to their frequency, HGH side effects rating can look as follows:

Most Common HGH Side Effects:

HGH patients can often experience symptoms like muscle stiffness, water retention, especially in the limbs, joint stiffness, sometimes middle ear infection. A more serious common side effect is excessive growth of bones and tissues, known as acromegaly. Acromegaly is observed when the period of treatment exceeds the recommended term and can lead to a change of facial bones, abnormal size of limbs, and excessive growth of body hair.

Occasional HGH Side Effects:

Some of the less severe and less common HGH side effects in males and females include irregular distribution of fat, nausea, abnormal sweating and swollen limbs, increased blood pressure, pain in the back and bones, dizziness, numbness of the limbs. Serious, but occasional HGH side effects are bronchitis, inflammation in the gastrointestinal system, pain in the chest.

Least Common Side Effects:

The rarest HGH side effects in adults vary from less severe ones (mood swings, sugar in urine, chronic insomnia, hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome, and some others) to pretty serious health issues. High level of blood sugar and increased risk of diabetes, allergies, blood in the urine, retina disease are among not very common, but fairly intense symptoms of HGH abuse.

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