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HGH Brands

When you start a course of HGH therapy, one of questions you’ll want to ask what the best HGH brand is. Somatropin brands are numerous, and although all of them supposedly used the same hormone, their quality and effectiveness can differ dramatically. Let us learn more about the HGH brands available and see what the criteria for choosing them are.

HGH Brand Names List

So, which HGH brands names are worth considering for your therapy? Brands of HGH you probably heard of include Genotropin, Tev-Tropin, Jintropin, Nutropin, Norditropin, Ansomone, Hygetropin, and many others. Basically, all the growth hormone brands use the same component - somatropin, or human growth hormone, but the quality of the substance can differ drastically. For safety reasons, you should consider using HGH top brands, even if the prices on them are higher than those on Asia-produced or illegal brands of HGH.

At Wellness MGT, we offer you only products of proven quality, real HGH brands, produced by reputable manufacturers. Our HGH brands list includes:

  • Humatrope
  • Norditropin
  • Tev-Tropin
  • Genotropin.

The Most Effective Brand of HGH

HGH BrandsThe effectiveness of your therapy does not really depend on the HGH brand. What you should keep in mind is that real HGH brands actually contain human growth hormone, or somatropin, and the rest will hardly have any effect. HGH patches, sprays, or pills that are widely promoted on the market cannot have the desired effects, because they cannot contain real HGH.

The growth hormone consists of very fragile molecules, which cannot survive room temperature or shaking, nor can they go through the skin because of their big size. Normally, if you read the instruction to such HGH brand carefully, you will see it only contains substances that claim to encourage your body to produce more growth hormone.

With that in mind, the only effective somatropin brands come in injectable form. Best HGH injection brands include Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin and Tev-Tropin. Let us see how these differ.

HGH Brands Comparison

Any real HGH brand, coming in the form of injections, will be effective for you, but HGH different brands still vary according to certain criteria. If we were to compare the best HGH injection brands, here are the main criteria for comparison.

  • Amino acid sequence. Good HGH brands contain real somatropin (191 amino acid sequence), but some brands of HGH injections may contain somatrem (192 amino acid sequence), which is a mimic of real human growth hormone with potential side effects.
  • Purity. The best HGH brand contains pure growth hormone, while some of the less costly brands are not that pure and may include remains of bacteria.
  • Form. Some brands of HGH come in the form of a powder that you reconstitute yourself, others supply the injection already in its liquid form. Liquid form is very sensitive to temperatures and shaking, so powdered HGH is more convenient for transportation.
  • Dosage. The dosage does not determine the quality of an HGH brand. You should consider the strength of the vial depending on your prescription, and remember that the price per IU should compared, not the total cost of the product. Brands of HGH injections come in 4IU, 10IU, 12IU, and 40IU dosages.
  • Country of production. If you want to be sure you get real growth hormone brands, consider those manufactured in the United States or European Union. The prices for these are much higher, but the quality is guaranteed due to strict regulations in these countries. Human growth hormone brands coming from Asia are cheaper, but the quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • Price. The price is established per IU, and it can vary depending on the country of manufacturing and some other factors.

What Is the Best HGH Brand on the Market?

The best HGH brand will be the one containing real human growth hormone (191 amino acid sequence), high purity, preferably in powdered form and produced in the EU or the USA. Of course, the price will be another criteria in your choice of an HGH brand. Let us see how the HGH top brands compare.

Amino acid sequence191 amino acid191 amino acid191 amino acid191 amino acid
Formliquid, in cartridgesliquid, in cartridgesliquid, in cartridgesliquid, in cartridges
Price per IU$18 - $25$20 - $23$8 - $15$13 - $20
Country of productionUSAUSAUSAUSA

HGH Brands and Prices

If you compare these brands with other HGH brand names, produced in China or Singapore, you will see that the price difference is substantial. However, considering the health risks and side effects that low-quality or low-purity human growth hormone injections present, it is better to pay more for a product of proven quality.

Officially purchased HGH injections, coming from the US or the EU, ensure the effectiveness of your treatment as well as minimize the risks. The HGH brands and prices difference also depends on various additional features: for example, some of the brands are supplied with convenient ‘pens’ for HGH administration.

If you want to know the final cost of your treatment, let us know the details of your prescription, and we can offer you free estimates, as well as recommend an optimal HGH brand for your needs.

Buy the Best Brand of HGH

The best HGH injection brands ensure that your body receives real human growth hormone in a pure, sterile, absolutely safe form. Considering the demanding health regulations in Europe and the United States, US- and EU-manufactured somatropin brands can be called the safest and most effective ones.

If you want to purchase one of these HGH top brands, Wellness MGT is the place to go. Providing medical support and supplying only best HGH injection brands, we let you have your therapy course with confidence. To buy one of our products, just fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you to discuss your order.