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HGH Levels

HGH is a protein made up of 191 amino acids secreted by the pituitary gland independently in the brain. It acts out crucial roles in the human body. All bodily processes occur under its direct influence. The human growth hormone is released from the pituitary gland and into the liver, further spreading to tissues and cells of the body. It is not made around the clock - that is, there are certain times when its production is at its peak. HGH is released in large numbers at times of deep sleep and intense workouts.

Psychological and physical symptoms of low human growth hormone

HGH LevelLow HGH levels reflect effects of aging itself, leading you into that strange state when you seem to “give up.” This is a sign of human growth hormone deficiency. Indeed, many studies have been conducted and prove that in 90 cases out of 100 the most common complaints of adult patients is lack of energy. They simply lose interest in their life. Men, in turn, confirm the loss of libido and ability to function sexually, which discourages them even more.

The emotional and psychological symptoms associated with low HGH levels include low energy, feeling of poor well-being, emotional instability, and also increased social isolation. Important physical characteristics of the pituitary hormone deficiency is an increase in body fat, especially noticeable in the stomach area when it seems to form a “pot belly.”

Also worth noting is a significant decrease in lean body mass, premature aging of the skin, sagging and wrinkles.

When do levels of human growth hormone increase, as well as decrease?

Now let’s look at the factors, conditions, and diseases that may affect HGH levels. This can happen both in raising and decreasing amounts of the hormone.

The level of human growth hormone increases:

  • with stable sporting activities;
  • during stressful situations;
  • when large amounts of protein is ingested, especially those with a high content of amino acids;
  • during prolonged fasting;
  • under emotional stress;
  • malabsorption of food leading to pathologies of the digestive tract;
  • pituitary adenoma;
  • at the time of certain genetic syndromes;
  • in presence of malignant tumors;
  • when artificially introduced into the body.

Human growth hormone levels are lacking:

  • in smokers;
  • in those with diabetes;
  • in the natural aging of the human body (starting at age 20);
  • with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood;
  • during treatment of diseases associated with pituitary gland;
  • hemorrhage in the pituitary gland;
  • injuries to the pituitary gland.

As it can be seen, there are many factors that affect HGH levels. But the best way to balance them out and the most effective is still artificial introduction of the drug, which is commonly found in today’s market. For the past 10 years, the human growth hormone has been commonly used by adults with high social status to rejuvenate the entire body and improve its appearance.

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