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What are HGH benefits: 10 Proven HGH Effects on the Body for Men and Women

Benefits of GH for men and women

Enhaned Strength

Muscle is the main building block of muscles. Protein is comprised of amino acids that the body can use. The strength of muscles depends on the availability of amino acids for the body. If the body cannot assimilate them, the muscles will begin to shrink and weaken.

Even if sufficient amounts of protein are ingested, the percentage of what can be utilized by the body varies depending on the body's capability to use the amino acids. The growth hormone is responsible, besides all other things, for the utilization of amino acids by the body. This ensures that the muscles get their proper nourishment.

Higher Energy and Vitality

The clinical studies show that HGH impacts energy levels. Energy levels depend on the physical body as well as on the emotional and mental state. Growth hormone has statistically shown to improve the vitality that comes with physical, mental, and emotional energy. Fatigue can be treated with significant levels of HGH.

Greater Stamina

One of the benefits of HGH is the increased stamina and durability. Having a good stamina is having stable energy levels that do not change throughout the day or different activities. When one has good stamina they do not experience highs or lows in energy and do not need stimulants to keep them productive. HGH can boost both and make sure that it is constant energy throughout the day.

Lower Body Fat

One of the most notorious HGH benefits for females that want to look good is the reduction of body fat. HGH boosts the metabolism rates to the ones that are experienced in early youth. This boost in HGH levels decreases fat on the abdomen, waist, thighs, and hips. At the same time, muscle mass is increased which creates a lean and fat-free body.

Lean Muscle Mass

HGH benefits for males that are building-up their body are the ability to grow a lean body muscle mass. According to medical studies, the positive effects of HGH are seen on the effectiveness from exercising and gym sessions. People who use HGH are surprised at the fast and huge increase in muscle mass from HGH and the change of body composition in a short amount of time.

Better Sleep

One of the major HGH benefits for adults even if they are not up for better looks is the improved sleep quality and efficiency. Because the bigger part of growth hormone secretion takes place at night when we sleep, sleep quality is directly connected to the secretion of growth hormone in the pituitary gland. The quality sleep that occurs after growth hormone increase relieves people who suffer from insomnia with a good sleep and lets them feel more energy throughout the day.

Improvement in Mood

Of the HGH health benefits, an improved mood is one of them. Human growth hormone can act as a natural antidepressant. This is because human growth hormone increases the levels of endorphin within the brain. Endorphins are responsible for the good feeling that one has. HGH also lowers dopamine levels that give only a temporary sense of satisfaction and then leave one agitated. The improved sense of wellbeing, memory, and concentration also increase mood.

Stronger Immunity

The immune system is directly connected to the quality and quantity of HGH release. There is a stronger immunity with the boost of HGH and benefits the entire body. The HGH boosts the T-cell and interleukin 2 production as well as the production of new antibodies. These are the primary factors in disease fighting. The lower risk of disease and inflammation improves the production of red blood cells and promotes better overall immunity to external threats.

Better Skin and Hair

Females can really appreciate the improved skin and hair quality with the intake of HGH. The HGH benefits for females go far beyond the youthfulness of appearance. The skin becomes more elastic and contours the face better. The deep wrinkles and small lines become less pronounced. Hair is also positively affected. People who take HGH have reported and seen new hair growing in its natural color. Because of the improved skin thickness, cellulite disappears and the nails become stronger.

Improved Memory

HGH benefits for seniors include an improved memory. The hormone works to repair and rejuvenate brain cells. The memories in the brain are stored via protein production. This is also boosted with the increase of HGH. The process of learning and intelligence both require sufficient amounts of HGH produced by the body or supplemented.

Cell Protection

As many know, antioxidants like the vitamins C and E are responsible for combating the damage done by free radicals. Many do not know of the benefits of HGH in the fighting of oxidative stress. HGH can directly affect proteases by activating cell defense systems known as protease inhibitors. This blocks the work of free radicals. This is a much more complex type of cell protection than antioxidants by themselves can provide.

Improved Cognitive Function

The brain and nervous system are comprised of neurons. The human growth hormone can do something that was thought to be impossible -- to rejuvenate and repair neurons. This helps with cognitive function and overall performance of the entire nervous system which controls the entire body.

Increased Libido

A powerful part of the HGH benefits for adults is the boost of sexual desire. Women report an increase in pleasure and men improved their sexual potency. The best of the HGH benefits for males is the improvement of erectile dysfunction. Females can benefit from ridding themselves of vaginal dryness, menstrual problems, and menopause symptoms.

Improved Bone Density and Fracture Healing

What are HGH benefits for the skeletal system? Bone growth is at its peak during puberty when the body is growing. HGH stimulates the production of IGF-1 by the liver that is released in the blood and contributes to the growth and increase in bone density. This leads to a more bone mass as well. With the same process of bone growth, the HGH benefits the healing of broken and fractured bones at a faster and more efficient level.

Reduction in Cardiovascular Problems

HGH benefits for seniors can be seen with the improvement of cardiovascular function. This is because the lipoprotein metabolism is directly controlled by HGH levels.

Ways to Increase HGH naturally

The best ways to increase secretion of HGH naturally are:

  • High Intensity Exercise
  • L-glutamine Supplementation
  • L-arginine Supplementation
  • A-GPC Intake
  • Laughing
  • Liver Detox
  • Vitamin C Increase
  • HGH Benefits Timeline

The results of HGH and benefits that are achieved with its intake can be seen in a measurable timeline. The HGH health benefits are seen soon as the hormone acts fast. If the results are expected to be long lasting, however, one must be patient with the results. The HGH benefits timeline looks something like this.

During the first month, the mood and energy will be noticeably improved. The sleep quality improvement also comes within the first month. During the second month, the HGH will start regenerating the body and the quality of the hair and skin will change dramatically. Muscles will be more toned and the weight loss will be seen.

Changes in libido levels will also be noticed.

The third to fifth timeline mark will show an improvement in the physique with an increase in lean muscle mass. Memory and cognitive function will also rise. By the end of the sixth month, the HGH user will be back to ideal weight, achieve good muscle tone, and have sufficient energy levels. Improvements in cardiovascular and immune system function are also seen.