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Testosterone Levels in Men

Testosterone in MenTestosterone therapy has recently surged in popularity and availability. Indeed, it is great that more people now have knowledge of and access to treatment. However, this also had a down side, being that many are attaining testosterone illegally and for the wrong reasons. Our company is fully dedicated to guiding you in your research of testosterone therapy. Not only do we provide guidelines and information, we also offer expert advice and consultations. We are available every step of the way to help you, even through diagnosis, acquisition of the therapy, treatment cycles themselves, and check-ups afterwards. There is no harm in inquiring with a doctor whether or not you are in actual need of testosterone therapy, because only they can now. Our services are only available through legal and safe means and only to those with medical need.

Testosterone levels

It is widely known that testosterone is attributed to men and their sexual functions. Nevertheless, it is also present in women. Testosterone levels, just as all hormones, have norms that are kept up by the organism up to a certain point. For some people, the process of declining hormones happens much faster than others, but a general benchmark is the age of 40. This is when the body is no longer able to keep up with the demand for hormones and physical and mental changes are noticeable. Although there are no set rules for “normal” levels of hormones, a doctor can easily spot hormonal deficiency with a simple blood test. This can be scheduled right from our website with no hassle to you. Should you be found to have an imbalance of testosterone, you will be prescribed a proper treatment to raise testosterone levels. This process is not standard for all men. In fact, each treatment is unique and we treat it as such. There exist many administration methods for testosterone products. These range from injections to creams and patches. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Working with your assigned physician you will be able to determine which is the best for your situation. Also at this session will be assigned the amount of the hormone that will be prescribed, measured in nano-grams per deciliter (ng/dl) and a proper schedule for administration. Following the instructions provided by the specialist will provide you with optimal results.

Rejuvenation of testosterone levels in men

A man deficient in testosterone is constantly suffering from fatigue, low sex drive, increased risk of osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s, depression, excess fat, and many more crippling symptoms. After a proper treatment, testosterone levels in men return to normal and benefits are noticeable after as little as one treatment cycle. Reinstatement of testosterone levels in men brings energy, vitality, and livelihood to any man. His mind is clearer, his depression has faded, he is confident and healthy. It is easy for him to lose body fat, gain muscle, strengthen his bones, and perform sexually. These are just some great benedictions of normalized testosterone levels in men. Feel great psychologically, look great physically, becoming a completely different person as you enter your newly awakened sense of well-being. Best of all, do this in the safest, optimal way for minimal cost to you. We are dedicated in helping you kick-start your life once again. What we are here for, after all, is to make sure you are not missing out on all the potential advantages that normal testosterone levels can bring.
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Testosterone Levels Men Chart

Identifying normal testosterone levels in men is crucial for diagnosing and treating the low testosterone condition. Many labs state a reference range of 348-1197 ng/dl as a norm, but this range is identified based on the results of various age groups. Naturally, testosterone level in men by age decreases, so what is normal for a 55-year-old patient would certainly be too low for a 30-year-old. That is why a universal average norm for everyone would be inaccurate: normal testosterone levels in men should be identified based on the results of a particular age group. Let us see what the normal testosterone levels in men of different age groups are, according to several studies.

Testosterone Levels in Men: Age 25-35

Peak testosterone levels for men are reached in adolescence and early adulthood, and at the age of 25-35 they are still high. Surprisingly, a 1996 study showed the average testosterone level in men 25-35 years old was slightly lower than that of 35-45-year-old men. This study showed the following average testosterone level in men, who were 25-35 years old: 617 ng/dl. Another similar study showed a total average testosterone level of 637 ng/dl for 25-29-year-old men, and 597 ng/dl for men 30-34 years old.

Testosterone Levels in Men: Age 35-45

Normally, middle age is when men start experiencing first symptoms of decreasing testosterone. However, a study revealed quite high normal testosterone levels for men of this age: their level of total testosterone reached 668 ng/dl. Another study came up with the following normal testosterone levels men of this age group showed: 567-597 ng/dl. Normal testosterone levels in men over 50 are, naturally, lower than those of younger men. According to a study, the average total testosterone level for men of the 45-55 age group was 606 ng/dl. Another study indicated a level of 546 ng/dl for 45-49-year-old subjects, and 544 for those, who were from 50 to 55 years old.

Testosterone Levels in Men: Age 55-65

So, what are normal testosterone levels in men, who are over 55? One study showed that the average level of total testosterone for men aged 55-59 was 552 ng/dl; the other one indicated an average testosterone level of 562 ng/dl for men between 55 and 65.

Testosterone Levels in Men: Age 65-75

Normal testosterone level in men over 65 is significantly decreased for natural reasons. According to a study, the 65-75 age group showed an average testosterone level of 524 ng/dl.

Free Testosterone Levels in Men

Normal testosterone levels When talking about testosterone levels for men, most sources mean total testosterone. The figures above also refer to the total amount of testosterone in a men’s body. However, this total is comprised of SHBG-bound testosterone, albumin-bound testosterone, and free testosterone. Only total and free testosterone levels can be measured. Free testosterone makes up a very small percentage of total T, so it is fairly difficult to measure it accurately. However, measuring it is important, since it is the low level of free testosterone that is responsible for low sex drive or infertility. There are several methods for identifying free testosterone levels in men. The most accurate is the Equilibrium Ultrafiltration Test, but it is time-consuming and requires extensive training, so not every commercial lab uses this testing method. If Equilibrium Ultrafiltration is unavailable, go for RIA Direct test, which is more affordable and much faster, even if not as accurate as the first option. Normal free testosterone levels in men are around 2-3%, and if your level is far below that range, you are likely to experience symptoms of low testosterone, even if your level of total testosterone is within the norm.   Naturally, free testosterone levels in men by age also change. This free testosterone levels in men chart shows the results of a study, conducted in 1996:
AgeFree Testosterone Levels in Men (ng/dl)
As you can see, free testosterone levels in men significantly decrease with age. It is important to know the level of free testosterone, as well as that of total testosterone, to be able to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment.

Average Testosterone Levels in Men

The question of average testosterone levels in men can be tricky. Most labs use the reference range we discussed above, which is around 350-1200 ng/dl. However, this range of normal testosterone levels for men is too broad. For example, if your test shows a 380 ng/dl level of total testosterone, you are still within the ‘norm’, but if you are 25, it is obviously too low. Based on the results of several various studies, the following normal testosterone levels for men of different age groups can be identified:
AgeTestosterone Levels Men (ng/dl)

Optimal Testosterone Levels in Men

If your testosterone level is close to these average levels, it is safe to say you should not have any problems with low T. However, average and optimal testosterone levels in men are not the same. To make the most of this hormone, you should keep your testosterone at an optimal level. What are optimal testosterone levels in men? That is highly individual. The lowest normal testosterone level is still not determined: some men would start experiencing symptoms of low T at 320 ng/dl, for others this threshold can be higher. In any case, optimal testosterone levels in men are individual, but it is safe to say that staying above 500 ng/dl should be enough. Wellness MGT corp. ® ☎ (800) 899-8233