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Testosterone Injections for Men

Low testosterone levels can lead to crippling effects on the man’s body and mind. You are far from alone in your struggle to fight low testosterone. Nevertheless, most men find it embarrassing to discuss low t, because it is so often associated with manhood. It is true that testosterone links to many traits that make a man. After crossing the age of 30, these functions start to decline sharply, to ones dismay. Find out all you need to know about the testosterone hormone and how you can cure a deficiency of it with testosterone injections.

Before you ask about testosterone injections

Testosterone injectionTestosterone acts as an anabolic steroid, but it is not the same thing. Steroids do damage to the body and excessively increase water retention of cells. Testosterone instead has metabolic functions and synthesizes complex tissues naturally. It is also responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics in men, along with growth and development of the organs and production of sperm. It is produced in the testes in men and ovaries in women, later traveling to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, where it is controlled and utilized throughout the entire body.

It has effects on the body and brain alike. Normal levels of testosterone lie in a range between 300 ng/dL and 1000 ng/dL. Unfortunately, levels do not stay this high as you move past age 30 and on. By the time a man is age 60, his testosterone levels are so low that he may suffer from erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and other extremely serious conditions. To ensure balanced levels of this hormone, there is only one sure way to regulate testosterone levels, and that’s with testosterone injections.

Revival through testosterone injection for men

Restoring your body and mind is critical for a man trying to function at an old age. Profound positive effects can be noticed as soon as you start a treatment cycle. Normalized levels of testosterone brings back interest in sex, allows a man to perform sexually, increase his mental sharpness, get back his motivation, get rid of unwanted fat and turn it easily into muscle, and greatly reduce the risk of several diseases like heart and vascular disease. Testosterone injections are also available for women but only if recommended by a doctor. Usually, women who undergo hormonal deficiencies lack levels of estrogen instead of testosterone.

Testosterone injection for menTestosterone injections for men are specified with a proper dosage that should not be exceeded to avoid risk of side effects. Here the common question arises - if testosterone injection for men have so many benefits, why isn’t every man using them? The fact worth noting here is that it is not until recently that the science and medicine of hormone engineering was perfected. In earlier years hormones were administered in pill form, which proved to be ineffective and actually harmed the liver. Testosterone injection for men, on the other hand, is injected directly into the bloodstream and harmlessly passes through the body, working its magic.

The only safe and legal way to attain injections for testosterone, or any hormone for that matter, is with a prescription for a certified product. You can get this here and more through our services.

We are open to any contact for advice, information, and certainly for treatment. Make an appointment to get tested and get a prescription for a testosterone booster that is safe and 100% certified.

Benefits of Testosterone Injections

Testosterone being an important hormone that contributes to regulating so many processes in the body, its deficiency is immediately felt. The same is true for the benefits of testosterone injections: testosterone injections for men have a variety of positive effects, which are not limited to reducing the symptoms of low testosterone. Although testosterone injections results might take some time to kick in (that is individual and depends on the way the body reacts to the treatment), they are quite obvious when the course of therapy is completed. Testosterone injections benefits include:

  • improved cardiovascular health (low testosterone is often related to cardiovascular disease. Testosterone injections can widen the arteries and increase the count of red blood cells);
  • fat loss and increased muscle weight (testosterone injections for men help to burn fat and build muscle instead);
  • improved strength of bones (bone density starts decreasing with age, which is why elderly men often suffer from osteoporosis. Testosterone injection therapy increases bone strength, helping the patients to avoid this condition);
  • increased libido and improved sexual performance (naturally, testosterone is related to sexual desire and sexual abilities, so testosterone injections help men to restore their sexual health);
  • improved mood (with age, men can experience mood swings and depression, related to testosterone deficiency, or Low T. Testosterone injections bring the mood back to normal).

Side Effects of Testosterone Injections

The primary question that concerns most patients is “Are testosterone injections safe?” The answer is there definitely are certain risks of testosterone injections, but they can be avoided if the treatment is conducted with care and proper medical supervision. Normally, side effects of testosterone injections are caused either by the abuse of this medication, or, in rare cases, by an individual reaction of the patient’s body. That is why it is important to have a careful medical examination before starting the course and to see your physician regularly while taking the injections.

Testosterone injection side effects may include excessive fluid retention and urination. That happens because testosterone may cause kidneys to hold more salt and water. Because the hormone impacts metabolism and other hormones in the body, side effects of testosterone injections may include enlarged breasts in men, as excessive testosterone starts converting into estrogen. Finally, there are increased risks of testosterone injections for patients with cancer or suspicion of cancer, especially prostate cancer.

It should be noted that the possibility of testosterone injections side effects is minimal if the patient does not have any precautions for the therapy and sticks to the prescribed dosage.

How to Take Testosterone Injections

So, how to give testosterone injections? Or rather, how to take testosterone injections, because most patients do it themselves at home. There are different types of testosterone injections (some may come with more convenient injection devices; others require regular insulin-like syringes). Normally, testosterone injections are given into the muscle, in the upper thigh. The spot, of course, should be sterilized, and it is also recommended to rotate spots for each injection.

The dosage and the frequency of testosterone injections will depend on your prescription and the concentration the drug comes in. Testosterone injections may come in 100 mg/ml or 200 mg/ml concentrations, so you can calculate the amount of substance for each injection based on that and on your daily recommended dose.

How to Get Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections for sale are now offered by a variety of retailers, both online and offline, so how to get testosterone injections is not an issue. You should bear in mind, though, that testosterone is a controlled prescription drug, so regardless of the company or pharmacy you choose to buy it from, you will need a prescription from the doctor. Testosterone injection sites that promise no-prescription testosterone injections are illegal or plain scam, so do not put your health at risk with impure, low-quality medication.

Where to buy testosterone injections? Many regular pharmacies offer testosterone injections for sale, and so do hormone therapy doctors. It is also possible to buy testosterone injections online, but make sure you select a reputable retailer that offers legal and tested medication. Online suppliers are often able to offer more competitive pricing as well as door-to-door delivery for your convenience and privacy.

Buy Testosterone Injections Online

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