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Signs of Low Testosterone

Signs of low tTestosterone - it's the primary male sex hormone (androgen) secreted by the cells of the testes in males and in minuscule amounts by the ovaries of representatives of the female sex. In girls and boys alike this hormone is responsible for the normal development of all bodily systems. Also, it is testosterone that has a direct impact on the development of the male sexual organs, regulates sexual behavior and production of sperm, and improves metabolism.

Science has long been aware of the fact that testosterone is underestimated for years. Alas, low levels of the hormone may affect the quality of life for both men and women. Testosterone - it's all that makes a man a man, which is why its stable level at middle ages can significantly strengthen muscle, increase sex drive, and makes the voice deep.

As a result, it can be argued that anyone and everyone should know the symptoms and signs of low testosterone. In time, to be able to seek help of a specialist is to restore a dull everyday life into one that is full of colors.

Signs of low testosterone in men

Of course, to know the levels of testosterone, one must pass a series of special tests. They will easily be able to show whether you need to take additional medications to improve the quality of your hormones or not. Alas, many of the signs of low testosterone levels in men are ignored until it is too late to go to the doctor. This is when the deficit starts to exercise its threatening effects on all organ systems. Therefore, if you have manifested even just one of the low testosterone signs, you need to right away race to a specialized center for proper examination and the necessary blood tests. And so, here are the signs of low testosterone:

  • Chronic depression - life becomes uninteresting;
  • A significant decrease of vitality;
  • The emergence of excessive body fat and trouble with loss of weight;
  • Rapid loss of muscle mass;
  • Erectile dysfunction, which develops into a more complex and threatening impotency;
  • Decrease in intellectual work;
  • Increased irritability;
  • Significantly reduced hair growth on face and body;
  • Gynecomastia - enlarging of breasts in men. Sign of low testosterone levels in men which is very rare but still is real and possible at occasions;

Regardless of what the signs of low testosterone levels in men are shown, you can be sure that they will affect the quality of life of those experiencing them. Therefore, when detecting even the smallest suspicion, it is better to be safe and seek help from a highly qualified specialist.

Signs on low testosterone in women

Despite the fact that low androgen levels are usually regarded as a man's disease, it can also occur to the fair sex. This results in many health problems with strong consequences. Signs of low testosterone in women can be very different, and they closely intersect with the ones in males, are as follows:

  • Severe irritability;
  • Decreased libido, leading to total lack of sexual desire;
  • Sleep disturbances;
  • Reduction in bone mass;
  • Increase of fat cells with the decrease in muscle mass;
  • Intense hair loss;
  • Disruption of the menstrual cycle, even complete absence of it;
  • Chronic fatigue, overlapping with apathy towards life.

As you can see, signs of low testosterone in women are more common than regarded. Therefore, it is not difficult for yourself to suspect the first signs of a decline in hormones. It is worth noting the fact that timely access to a doctor is critical as it will give you a greater chance of stabilizing the levels of this hormone in the shortest time period possible.

When to see a doctor about low testosterone levels

Low testosterone signs are now ones we all know, but what we don't know is when to call a doctor. For babies and toddlers, a survey is useful for each test, which affects the way the testes and the scrotum develop.

During puberty for adolescents, a cause of concern for parents may be a rather weak development of secondary sexual characteristics such as hair growth on the body and face, deepening of the voice, and increasing muscle mass.

Older men in particular are prone to lower levels of this hormone. They are faced with erectile dysfunction as well as a significant reduction in attraction to the opposite sex. By the way, women are also under the impact of low hormones, the first and most important sign being loss of libido.

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