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What Are The Implications Of Testosterone Therapy For Males?

Implications Of Testosterone Therapy For MalesCan testosterone therapy yield the benefits it claims? Can this wonder drug make you feel young and vigorous again? There are some similar questions on a purchaser’s mind. They have to consider the pros and cons of testosterone therapy before making the decision.

Testosterone hormone treatment has some enticing results. It brings back youth and vitality by increasing and strengthening muscles, improving memory, boosting libido and enhancing energy levels.

Most of the aging population views this hormone as ideal because they see it as anti-aging formula. However, no clinical evidence supports that testosterone therapy can provide a shield against aging.

Describing testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone synthesized within the testicles and its release is triggered by hormones from the pituitary gland. In essence, this hormone is responsible for maintaining a man’s physiology and listed below are some functions it performs:

  • Causes sperm production
  • Accounts for strength and mass in muscles
  • Improves sex drive
  • Increases red blood cell count
  • Leads to fat distribution
  • Enhances bone density

However, if there is something wrong with the tissues of testicles or the pituitary gland, then the normal amounts of this hormone are not released. This can be a serious condition known as hypogonadism. When testosterone replacement therapy is introduced, it can alleviate the symptoms of low T. This is done after conducting certain tests to determine how low your testosterone levels really are. The doctor will then prescribe either testosterone gels, injections, patches or pellets

Effects of testosterone levels in males

Testosterone levels reach its highest potential in the growth phase or early adulthood. Aging after that causes a slow decline in testosterone levels which is estimated as a 1 percent decline each year for the rest of your life. Now the key thing here is to determine if the decline in testosterone was because of some disease or are they the symptoms of normal aging.

Is testosterone decline related to aging?

This is not necessary. Man tend to experience various depressing signs as they age but only a couple of signs can be attributed to low t. Read on to check what they are:

  • Sleep pattern gets abrupted. Low levels of testosterone can account for minor sleep disturbances to major problems like insomnia.
  • Emotional problems. With low testosterone, there is a decline in energy levels which reduces confidence and creates a feeling of depression.
  • Reduction in sexual desire. The symptoms of low t also include loss of libido and less sexual desire noted by fewer erections during the sleep.
  • Physical changes. Certain physical changes are visible when you are having low t for a long time. It causes fat accumulation, reduction in bone density, decrease in lean muscle mass, swollen breasts and loss of hair.

Some of these signs are also attributed as a normal process of aging and cannot be confirmed as the symptoms of low testosterone. The patient suspecting the problem has to undertake a blood test to find out if low hormone levels are the reason for these symptoms.

Can testosterone replacement make you energetic?

If a patient is identified with the problem of hypogonadism, then testosterone replacement would be helpful but it might not be as beneficial for old aged men seeking for the cure of their aging. For some time, testosterone can help you feel energized and more active. However, there are not many studies about the implications of testosterone in aging and healthy individuals. There was one reported evidence in which men taking testosterone showed increase in muscle mass but there was no additional strength.

Can testosterone therapy be risky for normal aging?

Certain risks are pack and parcel of testosterone therapy. So, unless its inevitable, no one will recommend testosterone therapy if the aging process is normal.

If may cause the following problems:

  • Trigger the production of too many red blood cells which might later on lead to heart disease
  • Can trigger acne flares and other associated skin problems
  • Can cause sleep apnea
  • Limit sperm generation and release
  • Promote breast enlargement
  • Can stimulate cancerous growth
  • Lead to testicle shrinkage

When to consult a doctor

There is no use puzzling the mind with the possibility of testosterone therapy. Consult a doctor when you fear it or the reports confirm it. If there is an unprecedented decline in testosterone levels, it can the right time to take supplemental testosterone.