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Discovering The Link Between Growth Hormone And Weight Loss

Human growth hormone supplements and products were not as popular when they were first invented. In fact, there was a lot of outrage among the masses but HGH slowly made its way into various treatments and hormonal replacement therapies. The big question is what are the reasons for the acceptance of synthetic growth hormone?

The benefits of HGH were unraveled when its link with weight loss was discovered. HGH is responsible for triggering weight loss and its becoming an acceptable alternative to surgical methods and steroidal medications. Techniques like liposuction has side-effects, whereas, HGH supplements furnishes the lapse created by the depletion of natural growth hormone.

How GH triggers weight loss

Link Between Growth Hormone And Weight LossAny individual’s weight is the combination of muscles, bones and fat. There is no one-point formula to determine the weight of each component but the ratio of fat to lean muscle mass can be calculated. With this ratio, an ideal weight for both males and females is established. The optimum levels of growth hormone in blood is responsible for elevated metabolic rate which in turn leads to weight loss.

However, if the body’s natural ability to synthesize human growth hormone is compromised, than the rate of fat deposition increases. To complement this depletion, growth hormone therapy is introduced. Though gym workouts and fitness training can help eliminate fat to some extent, the use of growth hormone supplements will further speed up the process. HGH emerges as a better alternative to other weight loss drugs that have slim chances of success.

On the flip side, growth hormones do not pose any major health concerns and their use is deemed safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration. Let’s find out how HGH trims body fat.

  • With an elevated levels of HGH in blood, the amount of testosterone begins to rise.
  • Increased T levels improves metabolism.

Due to higher metabolic rate, the body attains a phase in which complex molecules like fats are broken down to release energy. The chances of storing excess carbohydrates as fats will also be reduced and fat burning yields better stamina.

Active individuals with better stamina tend to workout more and this maintains the cycle of fitness.
While growth hormone is responsible for reducing fat deposition, it also promotes the development of lean muscle mass.

When to take HGH supplements

Under normal conditions, human growth hormone is released from the pituitary glands. However, there is a specific time when HGH concentration reaches optimal levels. Usually, the pituitary gland is active when you are in deep slumber and this is the precise time for growth hormone production.

Hence, growth hormone supplements should be taken 30 minutes before going to bed. Whether you are taking injections or oral pills depending on the severity of the case, it is advised to take is after dinner and just before going to bed. After going in the system, the hormone will trigger the liver cells to produce insulin-like growth factor 1 which plays a role in preventing the storage of glucose as fat.