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In 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudman first reached the results that others could only dream about.

He conducted the research of the biochemicals that “cancels aging” of a man.

As a result of his experiments wrinkles disappeared, gray hair began to turn black again, the energy levels increased.

Septuagenarian people again wanted and were able to make love.

Daniel Rudman studied the effects of the impact of special proteins that are secreted by the pituitary gland of the human brain on healthy adults.

This protein is called Human Growth Hormone.

Twelve volunteers aged from 61 to 81 years, received injections of hgh for anti aging for 6 months.

As we are becoming older, our skin becomes thinner, we lose muscles, our bones become fragile, we are overgrown with fat.

As a result, studies have shown that men’s skin became much thicker, muscles appeared, bones became denser, the amount of adipose tissue decreased significantly.

On average he observed:

  • the reduction of the total mass of adipose tissue – 14.4%
  • muscles’ growth – 8.8%
  • an increase in skin thickness – 7.1%
  • an increase in bone density – 1.6%

The results of his research Dr. Rudman published in the Journal of Medicine New England.

He writes:

“The effects of the hgh on the muscle mass and the amount of adipose tissue in the six months of observations were equivalent in the magnitude to the changes that have occurred with the body in the range from 10 to 20 years of aging.”

HGH is the most powerful weapon in the fight against aging in the doctor’s arsenal.

Your body produces large amounts of growth hormone during childhood, but then, its “production” declines throughout your adult life.

This steady decline controls many of the changes in your body, leading to its aging.

By controlling the process of hgh reduction, you have a chance to change many of the aging effects. Dr. Rudman’s findings were confirmed by a number of other studies.

Anti aging hormone therapy

Anti Aging and human growth hormone therapyToday, more than a hundred hormones are known. However, only five of them are anti aging hormones.

The essence of anti aging therapy is quite simple – to achieve hormonal background that is typical for young people.

Sex hormones are absolute masters of our well-being. Women hormones estrogen make the skin smooth and shiny, fill it with energy. A recent statistical studies have shown that the later comes the menopause – the longer is the life.

Male hormones (androgens) stimulate metabolism, make a person active and his figure slim. The most important among them is testosterone, it is responsible for their passionate, aggressive and self-confident behavior in sex, and in life in general, which distinguishes men from women.

Unfortunately, over the years, its amount also becomes less.

HGH is long used in medicine for the treatment of congenital or acquired stunting. However, in 90 years, American scientists discovered hgh anti aging properties. It turned out that people who have succeeded to keep mental clarity and youthfulness till the old age, have elevated levels of hgh by nature.

After six months of anti aging hormone therapy people in their sixties kept skin’s elasticity and muscles replaced adipose tissue!

DHEA. Under this abbreviation hides the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone with an unpronounceable name. It is produced by the adrenal glands and is an intermediate product of synthesis of male and female sex hormones. In 25, people have its maximum level, but by 40 its amount is halved. The first experiments have shown that the injections of DHEA prolong the life of laboratory animals by 50% and gave them vigor. Subsequently, the researchers found that low levels of this hormone in blood is associated with an increased risk of cancer, osteoporosis, myocardial infarction, Alzheimer’s disease, while its sufficient amount improves immunity, fights sleeplessness, protects against stress.

Melatonin helps to maintain a youthful appearance through a fairly simple mechanism. It is a natural sleeping pill and is responsible for the fact that you feel tired in the evening and want to sleep. And as in a dream cell renewal happens, it is impossible to think about the best course of rejuvenation.

Best anti aging supplements

Natural anti aging supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals are regarded as safe and effective way to counter age-related changes. Especially the vitamin-mineral complexes that have a wide range of applications, affecting the brain activity, overall health, mood, skin condition.

Experts say that regular use of anti aging supplements helps to contain aging processes, DNA damage, aging of mitochondria’s cells. Also they strengthens the immune system and fill the shortage of substances necessary for normal functioning of the body.

In the selection of best anti-aging supplements you should pay attention to antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid, bioflavonoids, which are especially necessary for health after 30 years.

Vitamin A is a vitamin of youth and beauty, rich in antioxidants. It helps the body neutralize free radicals that accelerate the aging process.

Vitamins B are important to maintain youth.

Another powerful antioxidant is vitamin C.

For the health and youthfulness of the skin responds vitamin E, and its sufficient number helps to resist age, as it protects the cell membranes and prevents cellular enzymes to break down.

In order to secure the maximum protection with a powerful vitamin-mineral background, do not forget about vitamins K, D, selenium, calcium.

It is impossible to look younger just by taking an anti aging supplement – you will need a comprehensive solution to the problem and it is better to apply to an anti aging clinic hgh.

Before taking any of the drugs to save your youth, do not forget to study the instructions carefully. If it is necessary, consult your doctor. It is important to observe the exact hgh anti aging dosage, because the overabundance of vitamins and minerals will not bring positive results, and will only do harm to your health.

Anti aging HGH clinics

To stay young and healthy is a natural human desire. Qualitative diagnosis, prophylaxis, and the use of innovative technologies – these are the three main components of the successful anti aging clinics hgh in maintaining the health and longevity of their patients!

Anti-aging medicine is a specialized area of medicine, based on the latest scientific evidence and ongoing research. It offers a coherent and comprehensive program of advanced diagnostic procedures and treatments, aimed at rejuvenating the people of all age groups – as stated in the main message of anti-aging medicine – the basis of quality of life and health is always the correct way of life from an early age.

Often one correct diagnosis and its interpretation is quite enough to send a person back on track, to prevent the development of diseases and other problems affecting the duration and quality of his life.

However, the detection of hazardous conditions or the potential for their occurrence may require additional measures that are both preventive and curative. Since the anti-aging medicine is a deeply personalized direction, we do not mean any specific procedures, but the programs compiled individually for each patient.

Most of the hgh clinics’ patients are people between the ages of 35-40 years old that already faced the first signs of chronic diseases and other common ailments.

Of course, it is worth starting to take care of yourself and your health much earlier. To join the ranks of centenarians, you need to know in advance about the problems you may face. And the sooner you receive this information, the more effectively it can be used.

The basis of the modern anti-aging medicine is a genetic diagnosis that allows to determine all the dangerous propensity in an early age and assign simple preventive measures (which, as a rule, are fully consistent with the generally accepted notion of “healthy lifestyle”). That is why after the first acquaintance with the essence of anti-aging, patients often take their friends and relatives of different aged groups to the clinics.

The basis of anti aging therapy

Anti-Aging Medicine is often mistakenly understood as all sorts of techniques, which assumed the correction of external age-related changes not with biological, but mechanical means. These are plastic surgery and cosmetic injections, and various “anti-aging” creams and serums.
The anti-aging medicine solves internal problems of the body. Restoring and normalizing the activity of individual organs and systems, we can achieve the effect of the external expression of rejuvenation.

The basis of any treatment should have four basic principles. Predictive approach – the formation of recommendations and evidence-based comprehensive diagnosis, including the human genome’s decryption. Preventive approach – the disease’ prevention rather than symptomatic treatment. Individual approach to each client. Anti-aging medicine is not intended template programs and solutions, the course for each patient is unique, based on his original genetic baggage and the current condition.

What are the procedures and techniques in anti aging therapy?

There are no standard procedures in anti-aging medicine. It is not correct to speak about the specific procedures and programs. To join the ranks of centenarians, you must approach the problem comprehensively. The most important thing to create optimal conditions for life itself. This is an adequate and varied physical activity, avoiding harmful habits, a balanced diet, proper work and rest. It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of physiological dysfunctions associated with aging.

This problem is solved by purposeful work with all major systems of the human body. Detoxification procedure plays an important role. Over the past few years the research in stem cells has moved forward. Their number in the body determines the biological age of the person.

An intermediate stage between stem cells and the other anti-aging procedures is organotherapy, or the reverse biological rejuvenation technique.

Within organotherapy the drugs are used which do not cause side effects.

Ozone therapy has received wide popularity in recent years, which is equally in demand as a wellness and as a preventive procedure.

For the general stimulation of immunity, the so-called autohemotherapy, is made. A little blood is taken from a patient, it is enriched with ozone and “goes” back. This procedure is remarkably stimulates metabolism, improves overall health. This program works well with peptides using.

What anti aging programs are offered by anti aging clinics hgh?

All the programs should have a clear structure and phases: detoxification, restructuring, recovery, protection and stabilization process. Does the clinic monitor the patient’s condition? It’s one thing, when a genetic passport is given and forgotten, and quite another, when the doctor regularly checks the condition of the person, controls the changes.

A key indicator of professionalism of the doctor is a regular participation in international conferences on growth hormone for anti aging topics. Today it is the main way of professional development. If the doctor does not communicate with his colleagues, he is not aware of the latest trends, as anti-aging medicine is developing very quickly now.