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Implications of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Hormone Replacement Therapy for WomenOur life is an endless series of transitions from infancy to adulthood and beyond. However, the most challenging transition in a female’s life is menopause. This is the time when she has to fight disturbing symptoms like sleeplessness, hot flashes and an inevitable fat redistribution in the waistline. Periods get irregular and then finally stop. In short, life becomes miserable. All these symptoms can be eased to a great extent with an appropriate hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Elaborating hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is a simple administration of hormone in females to restore their natural hormone deficiency. This therapy involves the use of two major female hormones that are either used in combination or alone. Usually estrogen is given but the combination of progestin and estrogen is also fairly common. It must be noted that estrogen is a hormone is involved in a wide range of functions besides the menstrual cycle.

After menopause, the hormone concentration in blood declines and this compromises various other functions. Estrogen is involved in:

  • Speedy blood clotting
  • Enhancing good cholesterol
  • Increasing bone mineral density
  • Improving focus and memory

In HRT, females are given progestin which functions as progesterone. The combination of estrogen and progestrin is given to females who have not undergone any surgery to remove their uterus and still run the risk of getting uterine cancer. The hormone complements estrogen and has other roles in female physiology than just in the reproductive cycle. Progesterone hormone is responsible for:

  • Health and longevity of brain cells
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Raising body temperature and maintaining it within normal range

Various clinical trials are conducted to determine the effects of growth hormone therapy in the past few decades. However, there is one particular study that drew more attention and it was referred to as the “Women Health Initiative”. It was conducted on a massive scale in which more than 16,000 females were tested in a span of five years. During this period, they were given HRT and all the women in their menopausal age revealed some unexpected results.For information on more benefits of HRT, continue reading. Besides using it for the incredible benefits, HRT can also be applied for additional advantage in females who seek relief against mood swings, hot flashes and insomnia.

HRT pros

All the menopausal symptoms discussed above can be suppressed and treated with HRT but there are more pros than you thought. HRT administered to post-menopausal women:

  • Restores and maintains bone health
  • Prevents the chances of colorectal cancer
  • Delays the age-related memory loss

HRT cons

Upon continuation of hormone replacement therapy without the consent of the doctors, there can be some serious consequences. A female undergoing HRT isn’t susceptible to too many risks but they can be life-threatening if they appear. Listed below are some cons you need to watch out.

  • Chances of developing breast cancer
  • More risk of getting a stroke
  • Risk of increased blood clots within legs
  • Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Technically, it’s not possible for every female with menopause symptoms to opt for HRT. Some females have an existing medical condition that prevents them from using hormone replacement therapy. In that case, you can try some alternatives to HRT.

  • Introduce some lifestyle changes by exercising as a routine. This will reduce the frequency of hot flashes and deal with the restoration of bone mineral density to some extent.
  • Bring about some dietary changes that can prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Both smoking and alcohol consumption is devastating for the health of post-menopausal women.