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Guide To Finding The Most Suitable HGH Supplements

The Most Suitable HGH SupplementsNormal growth and metabolism gets seriously hampered in the absence of Human Growth Hormone and both kids and adults suffering from HGH deficiency have a tough time staying healthy and the kids face problems like dwarfism. Not all aging individuals face a drastic drop in growth hormone levels but those who do show earlier signs of aging.

The formation of wrinkles, loss of muscles, frequent exhaustion and weight gain can get troublesome if they start to appear early.

If the levels of HGH are increased back to normal, it will be easier to combat all signs of aging for a healthier life. Moreover, it retains the functions of some vital organs and restores bone mineral density. Before pointing out some useful supplements, let’s first analyze what they are.

HGH supplements

They are alternatively known as HGH releasers. Thus HGH supplements do not contain the hormone itself but ingredients that can boost natural growth hormone synthesis. In some severe deficiency cases, direct injections of growth hormone are given along with the supplements. However, injecting growth hormone directly has its cons. It increases the risk of diabetes, increases inflammation and sometimes promote water retention.

On the contrary, HGH supplements have a totally different mode of action and so they cannot account for all these side-effects. Growth hormone releasers basically contain amino acids and peptides that are the building blocks and precursors for growth hormone synthesis. The releasers will further support the pituitary gland for its optimal performance. Since the HGH secreted after the intake of growth hormone supplements is natural, there won’t be any side-effects.

Do the supplements really work?

HGH releasers are surrounded by more negative marketing than positive. The rise in controversy is probably due to some scam products on the shelf that makes false claims about raising HGH levels. Some low cost supplements aid in pituitary function to some extent but the effects are not evident without proper dosage. The real supplements that have been clinically tested for their efficacy would cost at least $40 – 60 per month.

What are the components of a genuine HGH releaser?

It is always important to pay attention to the list of ingredients while selecting an HGH releaser. It’s probably not a good idea to take supplements that lack ingredients on the list or are not mentioned with the correct dosage. If any product claims to have real HGH, then they are just bluffing. The recombinant growth hormone is the real one and it can only be obtained after prescription from a doctor. Some supplements are in the market but there is an on-going research and clinical trials to find more supplements that are capable of elevating natural growth hormone production. Some of the promising supplements are listed below:

  • Lactic acid
  • Essential amino acids
  • Some neurotransmitters
  • Colostrums

These were some positive triggers for growth hormone synthesis but there are more things to consider aside from the dose strength and the list of real ingredients.