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Hormone replacement therapy to treat depression

Hormone therapy to treat depression

Depression is the disease of the 21st century. Plenty of work, mad life rhythm, financial problems, and other factors make more and more people feel sad, hopeless, and restless. This condition can affect not only our thoughts and feelings but the well-being as well. The loss of sleep, energy, focus, memory, and even libido can destroy a person’s desire to love, work, and even their will to live. The conditions in which we live today are extremely stressful and it is harder to cope with this stress. Just like cancer, diabetes, allergies, and asthma, depression is considered a disease of civilization.

In the United States, it has been estimated that two-thirds of people with depression do not actively seek treatment. One should remember that a lingering depressed state of mood, especially in combination with other symptoms, may lead to a psychiatric diagnosis. And antidepressants are not the only one way out. Treatment for depression may include antipsychotics, drugs against migraine, anticonvulsants, interferon therapy, and hormonal agents.

Researchers say that age-related decline in hormone levels can cause people to become depressed. Lower hormone levels may cause such psychological problems like anxiety and irritability. Hormone replacement therapy to treat depression can be very helpful.

Testosterone is the hormone that can treat depression

More and more doctors prescribe hormone therapy to treat depression. It can restore your hormones to optimal levels. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that humans produce naturally. If you have a low level of this hormone, you may suffer from different illnesses, including depression. Different studies say that testosterone can help both men and women because women who suffer from depression also tend to have diminished levels of testosterone and estrogen. Men who suffer from obesity and diabetes tend to have low testosterone and have been found to be more likely to have or develop depression. And men with depression are more likely to have low testosterone levels. It is interesting fact that some of the known effects of low testosterone are also symptoms of depression.

The combination of testosterone therapy and a healthier lifestyle can bring wonderful results. When men have low levels of this hormone, they can often experience decreased sex drive, fatigue, and high irritability. These symptoms are also common symptoms of depression. Such mental health distress like anxiety, irritability, and depression caused by hormonal decline has been treated effectively by application of testosterone therapy. Also, adding testosterone to hormone therapy has a positive effect on sexual function in postmenopausal women, although it may be accompanied by such side effects as acne, hair growth, and a reduction in high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. These side effects depend on the doses and methods of using testosterone.

Estrogen is the hormone that can treat depression caused by menopause

Such phenomenon as menopause (also known as the climacteric) can lead to depression. Very often menopause is accompanied by hot flashes, osteoporosis, weight gain, mood swings, and other annoying symptoms. All these factors can provoke mental distress. And many women do not ask for medical treatment because they think that it is usual situation and it will end very soon. However, the depression can take a turn for the worse. If a woman’s ovaries have been damaged by chemotherapy, radiation, or toxic medication, this may also induce menopause. In such cases, hormone replacement therapy will help. The women who had depression observed mood improvements when undergoing estrogen therapy and on the contrary, they observed the return of the depression when the therapy stopped. This hormone acts everywhere in the body, including the parts of the brain that control emotion. Estrogen increases serotonin levels, modifies the production of endorphins, and protects nerves from damage.

Earlier, the hormone replacement therapy to treat depression had been replaced by the introduction of antidepressant pills. But the recent researches show the dependence of hormone level on the psychological disorders both in men and women. And if we competently attend to this problem, we can easily find the best way to treat depression and other mental and psychological problems.