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How effective is HGH for anti-aging therapy?

Anti-Aging therapy and HGHThere is no definite answer to this question on the Internet, just phrases like “no studies have been held” or “no conclusive proof exists”. If you wait to see the results of the studies, you could die of old age before they would appear. If it was proven that HGH really repairs human body and stops the process of ageing, big pharmaceutical companies would suffer from this most of all, as they would need to produce new medicine for various age related problems to sell to people.

As the human body reduces the production of natural HGH in half every ten years, it means that level of the growth hormone in the body of a 10-year person is only 50% in comparison with the baby’s body; and a 20-year person has only 25%. In an old age, human body does not produce enough HGH at all to stimulate good metabolism. The bodies of people are tending to decline in the older age accordingly to the level of HGH (and other hormones like DHEA, melatonin, progesterone, etc.).

HGH for anti-aging takes the second place in the reasons of HGH therapy
There are certainly some reasons why different anti-aging clinics prescribe HGH therapy. If this treatment gave no results, the therapy would be certainly forbidden.
The following results of HGH therapy have been observed and even “naysayers” would have difficulties to deny:

  • The skin becomes very smooth like the baby’s one on the hands’ back and on the entire body in the process.
  • The level of energy is increased.
  • Hair and nails grow faster.
  • Muscle mass is increased.
  • The energy is recovered quicker after physical exercises.
  • The body fat supplies are reduced.

Some of the HGH users also noticed the improvement of general body physique just in a couple of weeks after the start of the cycle. Although the face wrinkles did not disappear, the rest of the body was improved significantly. The dose of 4IU a day helped them to look and feel about 20 percent better just in 3 weeks of the cycle. But you need to make a pause after 3-6 months of treatment to let thyroid have a rest.