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Human Growth Hormone side effects

Human Growth Hormone HGH side effectsHuman growth hormone – it is the most important element of a human’s organism, which directly effects the rate and effectiveness of its development. However, after 20 years of age the rate of its production majorly declines, and every 10 years this decline increases by another 10%. As a cause of this a human’s body starts to drastically age, and becomes more susceptible to certain illnesses and diseases.

The growth hormone stimulates not only linear growth, but also the growth of internal body organs. Likewise, it increases the amount of cells in the liver, gonads, thymus, thyroid, and adrenal gland. Also, the 191 amino acids which are found in the human growth hormone have a direct effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is worth noticing that specifically this hormone is the most effective for dieting, seeing as how it controls the amount and rate of burning fats, in result the amount of freed fatty acids in the bloodstream increases.

In its structure the human growth hormone is necessary for the human organism, but besides this fact highly professional researchers have proven it to be dependent on the physiology of the body. It is dangerous for the body in large doses and in turn can lead to HGH side effects. Let’s explore further specific HGH side effects for men.

HGH Side Effects for Men

In general terms, in the absence of special circumstances of the man’s body, it standardly reacts to the human growth hormone. However, due to human growth hormone side effects, he may experience very minor pains, swelling, and tingling of the area of injection, peripheral swelling, and joint aches. Such HGH side effects can be taken care of in the very beginning of the treatment cycle and can be categorized as temporary HGH side effects. Let’s look at HGH side effects men rarely experiences in order of intensity.

More common

  • Tunnel syndrome – this more common out of all HGH side effects men experience is characterized by numbness of the limbs and their aching. The appearance of this symptom is related to the fact that during therapy muscle mass of men drastically inclines and peripheral nerves contract. However, it is worth noting that these side effects of HGH are not dangerous and are eliminated immediately after the dose of treatment is decreased.
  • Increased water weight – this factor can merely be called a side effect, but nevertheless it bothers some. The fact is, for optimal effect of treatment the organism needs a lot of liquid, which it in turn maintains internally. However, it should be noted that also due to this muscles expand and wrinkles are stretched and in turn smoothed out. After the full therapy cycle, noticeability of this “side effect” is minimal.
  • Increased blood pressure – this is of the common human growth hormone side effects one that is caused by the natural reaction of the body to the product. Preventing or eliminating this problem can be done easily by decreasing dosage or with implementation of medication for hypertension.

Less Common

  • Decreased function of the thyroid gland – in its purposes it is practically impossible to notice this side effect, seeing as how the inhabitancy occurs at minimal levels. For rejuvenation and higher effectiveness of the treatment cycle a small dose of Thyroxine may be taken. After the treatment of growth hormone is through, the function of the thyroid is reinstated back to 100%.
  • Hyperglycemia – elevated levels of glucose in the bloodstream. This is of the temporary human growth hormone side effects and is a normal reaction of the organism to the hormone. For reversal of this symptom some may be prescribed insulin treatment, which has the reversible effect.


  • Hypertrophy of all organs of the human body – can occur only in instances of clear misuse of treatment for suspended periods of time. With correct use of the product in the specified dosage such side effects of HGH do not exist.
  • Extended periods of treatment can lead to growth of antibodies, which in turn may negatively effect the medical treatment program that is undertaken by the patient.

As you can see, the human growth hormone does not constitute side effects if taken in the appropriate amount. On top of that, absolutely all side effects that can be induced have reversible character. Directly after the end of the cycle, all symptoms subside. For this reason, discounting all possibilities of mistreatment of the product, it in itself does the following: improves the physical form, rejuvenates the organism, improves quality of the skin and hair, regulates cholesterol levels, strengthens bones and joints, among many other extremely positive effects.

Our company offers each man and woman to take the chance to experience the grand effect of this miraculous product, which is widely used by many Hollywood stars and the world’s best athletes. You can take the easy way out – buy HGH from a suspicious company, but then nobody is giving you a guarantee of safety of the product. On the other hand we offer only products of the highest quality, natural made hormones which do not have risks of extraneous side effects and are completely safe for the human organism All that you need to do is fill out a form on our website – this will take you a mere couple of minutes – and turn in the appropriate analysis needed to attain a prescription.