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Understanding HGH and the Effects of Overdosing

HGH Overdose

If there is an effective approach for treating HGH deficiency, then injectable HGH Replacement Therapy is the best option. HGH injections, when used according to a physician’s instructions, and taken only according to the prescribed dosage, can effectively treat HGH Deficiency. However, if used carelessly without following a doctor’s instructions, or when applied excessively for a prolonged period, it can cause adverse health complications, both long-term and short-term.


Healthy patients should not experiment with HGH injections, and if you are HGH Deficient, it is recommended that you take low optimal doses to avoid the risk of having side effects. Many HGH specialists recommend small doses of HGH injections, and these doses should be taken in moderation. Furthermore, there is a protocol that helps prevent the body from being overly exposed to the hormones.

The protocol entails using HGH injections for 5 days and resting the body for remaining 2 days of the week to give it a break. This protocol has proven effective in regulating rotations on where the HGH injectable shots are administered. In addition to this, it helps a lot to rotate where shots are conducted around the mid section, such as right love handle, left love handle, four inches left of the belly button, four inches right of the belly button.

While HGH injections are extremely effective in dealing with HGH Deficiency, abuse can be extremely dangerous for your health. There are severe issues arising due to abuse of the HGH injection, though they may not be evident immediately, but can start to show over time. The symptoms of HGH Injection abuse include, but not are limited to the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Pain and discomfort at the joints
  • Abnormal organ and bone development
  • Increased retention of body water
  • Increased resistance to Insulin
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Please note that the above mentioned symptoms apply to those healthy individuals who continue to use the HGH injectable without following the due process. Those using the HGH injection to treat HGH Deficiency might experience mild and treatable side effects, and this is usually corrected by reducing the given dosage.

It is also important to note that only those suffering from HGH Deficiency should be prescribed the medication for home use, and these patients should acquire the drugs from reputable pharmacies as directed by their physician. Moreover, having low HGH levels does not straight away qualify you for HGH Replacement Therapy.

Physicians tend to look out for other symptoms that will substantiate a patient’s need for HGH Replacement Therapy, even though some patients who are clinically HGH Deficient fail to show significant symptoms.

Why You Should Avoid HGH Injection Overdose

As already highlighted, the symptoms mentioned above are experienced only by those who undertake HGH injections without authorization from their doctors, or those who inject more dosage than what the physician prescribed. If you inject HGH without following the doctor’s prescription, you are likely to experience the above mentioned symptoms.

Before starting HGH Replacement Therapy, make sure that you visit your physician for proper guidance on how to administer the dose. The doctor will prescribe a tailored dose after reviewing your age, height, weight, other symptoms, and even your IGF-1 concentration.

The IGF-1 concentration is important because it determines whether you are HGH Deficient or not. For a healthy individual, the recommended IGF=1 level is 250ng/dl. If the level is below 200ng/dl, you are said to be HGH Deficient. The HGH Replacement Therapy, thus serves to raise your IGF-1 concentration to the recommended level, which is somewhere between 250-290ng/dl. If the concentration level of your IGF-1 exceeds 300ng/dl, you will experience the side effects of HGH overdose.

Once the doctor has shown you how to do administer the injections, you can do it at the comfort of your home, provided you follow the right procedure and dosage as prescribed by your physician. This way, you will avoid the complications that arise from HGH injection overdose.

Why You Should Stay Away From Illegal Injectable HGH

It has become increasingly easy for anyone to access prescription drugs without having a prescription from a qualified doctor. Illegal injectable HGH are being sold online from China and some from Mexico. However, the efficacy of these drugs are questionable, considering that they are sold in the black market.

Therefore, it is not advisable to purchase these illegal injectable HGH shots from unauthorized sources because the drugs could be tainted, and if injected into the body, could bring more trouble for you. Most of these illegal drugs are contaminated with toxic elements such as lead or other heavy metals, and the syringes that come with these drugs are of low quality.

What Effect Do Abuse Of Injectable HGH Have On The Pituitary Function?

The pituitary gland is responsible for producing the HGH required by the body. Therefore, if you take too much injectable HGH, it will interfere with the normal functioning of the pituitary gland, and this effect could persist for extended period. In worse cases, the damage could be irreversible and the pituitary gland rendered unable to produce the previous functional HGH levels required by the body.

How Can You Avoid Accidental HGH Overdose?

There are optimal methods of injecting HGH and avoiding the complications of overdose. The best approach to avoiding accidental HGH overdose is by following the low-dose, high frequency method. This approach ensures that the body receives just the right amount of hormones required to help the body meet its needs instead of flooding the system with the hormone.

Another alternative it by breaking down the intake of the hormones to allow for two half-doses daily rather than one shot. This approach is effective in minimizing the risk of having any side effects.