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Is HGH Safe and Effective?

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Human growth hormone (HGH) has been touted for everything from anti-aging miracles to bodybuilding success. While the hormone is a natural part of the body’s growth process, it’s being used a little differently these days. That leaves many people with questions.

What is HGH Used For?

Although it is widely available in supplement form, over-the-counter forms of HGH are unregulated. They may be adulterated or ineffective. When consumed in oral form. HGH is broken down in the stomach before it can be absorbed, so oral HGH supplements are clearly a waste of time. Prescription HGH, however, is a standardized form of the medication.

HGH can be effective in:

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Developmental disorders such as Turner’s Syndrome and Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • HGH deficiency or insufficiency
  • Muscle wasting from HIV/AIDS
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Small size for gestational age

How is HGH Deficiency Determined?

If you are HGH deficient, that should be confirmed through careful laboratory testing under the supervision of a physician. Several different blood tests are necessary to determine HGH deficiency. You should only use prescription HGH. Your HGH levels should be monitored throughout the course of your therapy. It’s important to watch for and report any potential side effects. It’s also important to recognize that HGH is rarely used in adults under the age of 30. Most people have sufficient levels of the hormone when young. However, in clear cases of hormone deficiency, HGH may be used in younger adults.

What about HGH for Anti-aging and Athletic Performance?

Some people use HGH as an anti-aging product. Although the body’s levels of HGH do decline naturally as we age, there s no evidence that HGH can reverse the effects of aging or bodily deterioration. Bodybuilders may use it to build muscle, often in combination with steroids, and athletes may use it in hopes of enhancing performance. However, the effect of HGH on athletic performance and muscle growth is unknown. HGH is banned in professional sports. Neither treatment is approved by the FDA.

Can HGH Help Depression?

Hormonal deficiencies can affect your mental well-being as well as your physical well-being. Depression tends to increase in the adult population at the same time that HGH levels start to decline. While there may be other reasons for people to develop depression, research has shown that people who have HGH deficiency and are depressed may improve with hormone injections. This is still a fairly new area for HGH therapy and doses are highly individual. Most women require higher doses than men.

What About HGH and Cancer?

The studies about the use of estrogen in post-menopausal women a few years ago have made all scientists and doctors take a hard look at the possible connections between hormone treatment and cancer. This is complicated by studies that showed very high doses of HGH in laboratory animals increased the risk of cancer. However, high doses of any medication or hormone can cause problems. Other studies have shown no increase in cancer risk with HGH. Some researchers have even found that HGH may actually act as a cancer preventative, especially in those people who are HGH-deficient.

Can HGH Improve My Sex Drive?

It’s not uncommon for libido to decline as we age. That’s partly due to shifting hormones – menopause in women and andropause (a gradual decline in testosterone production) in men. HGH can promote sexual vitality in several ways. First, it helps keep your heart cells active and strong; better circulation improves sexual performance. It also helps cells and tissues regenerate and increases stamina. If depression is a factor in decreased libido, HGH may be helpful.

Is it Safe to Take HGH?

Here are some of the questions we hear: Is HGH safe and effective? Is HGH safe and legal? Is HGH safe to take? The answer to these questions is yes. The key to whether HGH is safe and effective is really related to medical supervision. Tinkering with your body’s chemistry has the potential to cause problems. HGH supplementation should only be undertaken after a physical examination and blood tests, and the patient should be monitored on a regular basis. You should use only prescription forms of HGH prescribed by a medical doctor.

If you have a deficiency of HGH, it can make a significant difference in your health. Remember, you should only take prescription forms of HGH under a doctor’s care. Wellness MGT offers HGH and other hormone preparations for men and women. Please contact us for more information.