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Testing The Prospects Of Growth Hormone In Aging

Testing The Prospects Of Growth Hormone In AgingWhat most people may refer to as the mythical fountain of youth, can it exist in real life? Most people claim HGH to be that elixir. And before you know it, the Hollywood celebs have started taking these injections. So far, the laymen knows that normal growth hormone levels in the blood can bring back the active and healthier life of youth. So how does this potent age-reversing genie works?

Human Growth Hormone Function

Growth hormone released from an endocrine gland is responsible for growth and metabolism. Well everybody knows that. However, what most people might not know is the fact that this hormone has a role in regulating body temperature, maintaining fat and sugar metabolism.

Optimal levels of HGH are also known to have involvement in the normal heart function. Moreover, it works with collagen to improve facial skin and muscles. The skin gets saggy and loose with aging but HGH injections can make you feel like 20 again while you have reached past mid-age.

How they work

The hormone itself has countless benefits but the thing still under study are the effects of supplements which are totally different than the real growth hormone. Doctors have recommended direct HGH in kids with growth hormone deficiency problems and in diabetics to control their blood sugar but it’s the common use by celebrities and athletes that raises an eyebrow.

The fact is that the direct injection of growth hormone therapy is only legal if the doctor prescribes a suitable dose. On several occasions, it has been proclaimed that the use of HGH for any other reason besides a true deficiency can cause health concerns. However, a safer means to boost hormone levels naturally is through the use HGH supplements. Some say it’s the synthetic version and not effective but the fact is that it shows delayed improvement.

HGH for weight loss

When the initial clinical trials were conducted, it was proven that the synthetic recombinant growth hormone injections were capable of increasing muscle mass and reducing fat but some of the later studies have denounced that theory. But there is a supplement known as Sero-Vital-hgh that contains a specific combination of amino acids and peptides that stimulates the natural release of growth hormone and aides in unhealthy weight loss. The users of growth hormone supplements shared positive reviews about better endurance and faster metabolism.

The success stories of HGH recovery treatments are numerous. Another 60-year old entrepreneur shared in his interview that he faced trouble in keeping focus and understanding younger people in business, so he went for the HGH treatment through injections and besides his improved cognitive skills, there was a drastic change in his skin as well. According to him, HGH injections are the cure for all aging problems in men. He points out that the supplements make him feel 10 years younger than his actual age. And after the effects of the therapy started to pour in, I felt much confident dealing with younger people. This was what we got from a faithful customer but will it produce similar effects for you?

Is HGH right for you?

Can you think of the possible safe modes of elevating growth hormone levels in blood? After knowing about the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, a lot of people would aim for mood enhancing, immunity boosting natural means of HGH. One such supplement is SeroVital-hgh which will not introduce the hormone from any outside source like most HGH injections and supplements do. It will rather act as a trigger to increase the synthesis of natural growth hormone.