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7 Smart Ways to Boost Your Testosterone in 2017

Raise testosterone

Testosterone is known for many small and big wonders it can do to men’s body. It helps burning body fat and building muscles, improving sleep, libido, mood, boosting energy levels, and making men’s life noticeably better.

However, such wonders don’t last forever: usually, men experience a decrease in testosterone levels when he hit 30 years. It could lead to many troubles, starting from the increased risk of various diseases and ending with reduced muscle mass.

Women suffer from that too. Their testosterone levels reach their peak when they hit their 20s and start declining after that. This could lead to their metabolism becoming slower, the increase in body fat, and troubles with building muscles.

No wonder that both men and women try to boost their testosterone so hard. However, they are only a couple of ways to do it safely and in a natural way.

Eating dietary fats actually helps.

Many people consider fat evil. However, this stereotype has been ruined over the last decades. Nowadays, fat is known for its impact on testosterone levels: adding both saturated and monounsaturated fats to your diet help increase testosterone greatly.

Of course, not only the amount of fat you eat matters – the type of it matters too. Be sure to pick quality fats only and you’ll experience all the benefits of it without risking destroying your physique.

For example, if you want to add quality saturated fats to your diet, eat more cheese, coconut oil, dark chocolate, red meat, and egg yolks. And if you want to diverse your daily ration with quality monounsaturated fats, aim for peanut butter, almonds, olive oil, and avocados.

Cholesterol shouldn’t be avoided.

Sometimes we are afraid of cholesterol damaging our health. However, you should know that testosterone is derived from it – that’s why if you want to raise T-levels, you should definitely consider adding more cholesterol to your diet.

Sure, most of the testosterone your body contains is actually bound to proteins. However, it’s the free testosterone (also called unattached) that is considered more bioavailable and that actually available to uptake the tissue.

Researches had shown that when you add more whole eggs to a carbohydrate-restricted diet, this could benefit your health in so many ways. For example, it helps people with metabolic syndrome, reducing insulin resistance and actually lowering the risk of heart diseases. It also improves the lipoprotein profile in these people.

So if you are ready to add more cholesterol to your diet, you should look for the products high in saturated fat. The most well-known ones are egg yolks along with red meat, and various seafood (lobsters, squids, shrimps, etc.). And don’t forget about the eggs- they are one of the most obvious and the wisest choices!

You can consume various T-boosting products.

It’s okay to consume nutrition products that help to boost testosterone. However, in this case, you have to know exactly what can help you. There’s a number of products you can safely consume.


Did you know that zinc is not simply a mineral essential for healthy diet – it also plays a critical role when it comes to testosterone production? Even mild zinc deficiency can lead to the suppression of testosterone concentration. There are researches that show that six months of zinc supplementation can lead to a major (93 percent) increase of testosterone, so don’t miss the opportunity.


Probably one of the most important vitamins that aid in boosting testosterone levels. There’s been a whole study published in the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology” that was dedicated to the connection between men’s T-levels and vitamin D supplementation. According to this study, vitamin D does have a strong relationship with free testosterone, improving it significantly.

Multi joint free-weight movements help a lot.

We’ve been talking mostly about diet before, but actually, your workouts can be just as helpful, making an impressive influence on testosterone levels.

The main principle of high-intensity weight training is to pick your weights right. The right way to do so is to choose the weights allowing you to reach muscle failure by 10 reps. Such training is known for increasing the testosterone secretion. However, it also depends on the type of exercises that you pick – if you pick the right ones, you’ll be able to make the most out of it.

Studies show that, for example, squats are better for testosterone build than leg presses. This goes for the other multi joint exercises too. Choose deadlifts, bench presses, and other similar exercises if you want to boost your T-levels!

It’s not the duration of a workout that matters.

While some people think that long workouts can aid boosting testosterone, it’s actually quite the opposite. All workouts that last longer than an hour provoke subsequent testosterone decrease.

That’s why you should aim not for long workouts but for short periods of rest instead. If you want to maximize your testosterone response, make your workouts last no longer than an hour and decrease the rest periods (for example, make them last one minute instead of three).

Get enough sleep.

We all know that sleep is important for our health. However, it also affects our hormones too. If you don’t sleep enough, you probably should reconsider this as it can reduce the amount of testosterone your body produces, provoking fat gain and reducing muscle loss. On the contrary, the longer healthy men sleep, the more their testosterone levels increase. However, don’t forget that a healthy amount of sleep is 7-9 hours per day.

Choose testosterone building training programs.

As I’ve already mentioned above, training can boost your T-levels too. When we’re speaking about the resistance training, choose the higher-volume programs for that. This means choosing multiple sets with loads from moderate to high – for example, 70-85 percent of your 1 rep max load.

Moreover, you can also add forced repetitions as well as other post-failure techniques to your training program, therefore increasing the production of testosterone.