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8 Likely Reasons Why Your Testosterone Is Low

Reasons Why Your Testosterone Is LowLow testosterone is becoming a burning issue for more and more men these days. Even men who have always thought of themselves as perfectly healthy may start experiencing a decline in sex drive, stamina, strength, and energy. All these are alarming symptoms of insufficient testosterone.

While low T is sometimes caused by malfunction of testicles, trauma, and disease, its most common causes are not always medical. And the good news is that eliminating those causes can help you bring your T levels back to normal. So, here are 8 possible reasons why your level of testosterone has dropped and recommendations on reversing this effect.

Reason 1. Inactive Way of Life

The more muscle tissue your body has, the higher your testosterone levels are. When there’s not enough physical activity, you lose muscle mass and, therefore, your testosterone eventually drops.

Solution: Leading a more active life and building muscle can help normalize your testosterone. Intense strength trainings and heavy weight lifting have proven especially effective in increasing testosterone levels.

Reason 2. Extra Weight

As said above, there is a direct connection between lean muscle mass and normal testosterone. Obesity, on the contrary, can cause your testosterone levels to go down: in fact, a 2010 study has revealed that 40% of overweight men have decreased levels of testosterone.

Solution: Losing weight through a balanced diet and exercise. To put it simple, muscle equals testosterone, fat equals low T, so you should focus on losing extra weight and gaining muscle weight instead.

Reason 3. Unhealthy Habits

Sugary, fat-rich food doesn’t just cause obesity that reduces testosterone: it is a testosterone killer itself. So are alcohol and tobacco.

Solution: Getting rid of unhealthy habits and balancing your diet. Keep in mind that some of the fats are actually necessary for testosterone production, so healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean a no-fat diet.

Reason 4. Type 2 Diabetes

The above mentioned study also analyzed the effect on Type 2 diabetes on low testosterone and discovered it can decrease the level of the hormone just like obesity does.

Solution: Balancing your diet and lifestyle in a way that keeps your blood sugar levels under control: that will also have a positive impact on your T levels.

Reason 5. Not Enough Sleep

These days, it is almost normal for an adult individual to be sleep-deprived. The problem is your body needs sleep: this is when testosterone production is at its highest, which explains morning erections and increased sex drive after sleep. If lack of sleep has become a habit, this can be the reason why your testosterone has dropped.

Solution: Getting enough sleep! For healthy testosterone production, your body needs more than 5 hours of sound sleep every night.

Reason 6. Stress.

Stress is another testosterone killer that has become a way of life for men. When you are stressed, your levels of adrenaline and cortisone are increased. If exposure to stress continues, it has a negative impact on your body’s ability to produce other hormones, including testosterone.

Solution: Eliminating or at least reducing stress. Consider changing your lifestyle, fighting stress with meditation, breathing exercise, walks, or whatever helps you to get rid of it.

Reason 7. Excessive Training

Training and physical activity are crucial for keeping T levels normal, but overtraining can actually have the opposite effect. If you continually overtrain, your testosterone levels will eventually suffer from it.

Solution: Maintaining a balance in your training. Make sure your body gets enough rest and sleep to remain healthy.

Reason 8. Varicocele

The blood vessels in your testicles may get abnormally large and fill with blood, which interferes with normal blood circulation. Consequently, the temperature in your testicles is constantly increased, and that decreases both sperm and testosterone production.

Solution: Treating the condition. Varicocele is successfully treated with surgical or non-surgical methods.

Most often, low testosterone is not about medical conditions: it is about your way of life. Focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle, and you can bring your testosterone levels back to normal.