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Male Testosterone Levels

Male testosterone levels Testosterone is one of the main hormones in a man’s body. With the important role it plays, no wonder that low testosterone levels raise such alarm among male patients. To stay healthy and productive, it is important for any man to know what testosterone does, what normal testosterone levels are, and how to deal with insufficient testosterone levels.

Male Testosterone

Male testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body and regulates some of its important functions. In adolescent age it is testosterone that shapes a child into a man, making the voice deeper, the bones and muscles bigger and stronger, and the overall looks more masculine. Male testosterone does more than that: it is responsible for normal sexual function and libido, as well as for sustaining proper muscle mass, stamina, and strength.

That is why testosterone levels in males are so important: abnormal decreases or increases have immediate effects. What is the normal testosterone level then and what should a man do if he is diagnosed with testosterone insufficiency? That is what we will detail in this post.

Male Testosterone Levels

Male testosterone levels demonstrate whether or not the body produces enough of the hormone. If the level of testosterone in the blood is insufficient, it has a negative impact on sexual health, mood, body shape, and the overall well-being. Average male testosterone levels may differ from person to person, but there are certain frames that normal testosterone levels fit in. These frames are different for every age: male testosterone levels reach their peak in teenage age and early manhood, but start gradually decreasing in middle age.

If symptoms of low testosterone are in place, it makes sense to test your testosterone level. These tests are quite accurate in identifying male testosterone levels. Normally it is a blood or saliva test. It is recommended to take samples between 7am and 10am: that is when average male testosterone levels are at their highest. The test may need to be repeated in order to ensure accurate results. If the test shows the male testosterone level is normal, the symptoms are probably caused by other factors, but if Low T is identified, the patient will need a course of testosterone replacement therapy.

Normal Male Testosterone Levels

A normal male testosterone level is crucial for the well-being, health, and normal sexual life of every man. But what is a normal male testosterone level? According to Harvard Health Publications, a healthy adult man normally has male testosterone level of 270-1,070 nanograms per deciliter. This is the level that enables a man to live a normal and healthy life.

Male testosterone levels can be measured using a fairly simple blood or saliva test. If a test indicates the patient’s level of testosterone is decreased, it is important to determine whether that is for natural causes such as aging or because of a disease. The most common reason for abnormally low testosterone levels is malfunction of sex glands, or hypogonadism. Because of this condition, sex glands do not produce enough hormones and are unable to sustain a normal male testosterone level.

Male Testosterone Levels by Age Chart

Naturally, normal male testosterone levels differ depending on the age. Male testosterone level reaches its peak in adolescent boys and young adult men. The effects of increasing testosterone level in teenage boys are visible: the voice timbre changes, the figure and face features become more masculine. After the age of 30, male testosterone level starts decreasing, which is only natural. However, it is important to understand what normal male testosterone levels by age are. Here is a male testosterone levels chart detailing them.

AgeNormal Male Testosterone Level (ng/dL)
0-5 months75-400
6 months - 9 years<7-20
10-11 years<7-130
12-13 years<7-800
14 years<7-1,200
15-16 years100-1,200
17-18 years300-1,200
19+ years
adult up to 30 years270-1,070
30+ yearsdecreases by 1% every year

Using this male testosterone levels chart, it easy to calculate what the average normal level for your age would be. If your test shows that your male testosterone level is lower than the usual norm, you may be experiencing disturbing symptoms of low testosterone, often called Low T.

Causes and Effects of Low Testosterone Levels in Males

Abnormally low male testosterone level is an increasingly common health issue these days. While a decrease in testosterone level is a normal symptom of aging, when the level drops beyond 270-300, it is an alarming sign. The causes of low testosterone levels are as follows:

  • Malfunction of sex glands due to trauma or disease. This is a medical condition that requires the expertise of a doctor. The body is just incapable of producing enough hormone on its own because of a chronic condition, cancer, or trauma. Testosterone medication can help normalize male testosterone level.
  • Improper diet. High-fat food, low in vitamins and minerals, is a common cause of health issues today. A decrease in testosterone level can also be related to improper diet.
  • Obesity. Excessive weight causes the male body to produce less testosterone and more of the female hormones, so obesity is a common cause of hormone problems in males.
  • Bad habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, and drugs are also significant negative factors that can cause low levels of testosterone in males.

The effects of low testosterone levels in males are quite noticeable. These symptoms can be caused by other factors, such a reaction to certain medicine, chronic depression, or alcoholism. However, if you notice any of the following alarming signs, you may want to test your testosterone level:

  • low sex drive and difficulty achieving erection;
  • decreased production of semen;
  • loss of muscle mass;
  • increased level of body fat;
  • chronic apathy and sleepiness;
  • sad and depressed mood, irritability;
  • loss of interest in life and physical activities;
  • poor stamina;
  • decreased energy, fatigue;
  • poor mental performance.

The effects of low testosterone levels in males go far beyond these symptoms. As testosterone regulates so many important processes in the body, Low T can be the cause of infertility, osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. That is why it is crucial to diagnose Low T in time and normalize the level of the hormone in your body. To achieve that, various forms of testosterone replacement therapy are available.

Male Testosterone Enhancement

No matter what the causes of low levels of testosterone in males are, the effects dramatically influence the quality of life. Looking to restore their original well-being and health, many male patients turn to testosterone replacement therapy. Male testosterone enhancement is offered by numerous online and offline medicine suppliers in a variety of forms.

To replenish testosterone, remedies like testosterone patches, creams and gels, pills, and injections are available. Patches, creams, and gels supposedly let the hormone penetrate the skin so that male testosterone level increases gradually. However, creams and gels do not always absorb well and are often not helpful. Besides, there is a risk that the testosterone supplied in gels and creams will be converted by the body into other hormones.

Testosterone patches show inconsistent results and have an increased risk or rashes and skin irritation. Pills are normally not recommended by doctors, as they have high risk of liver toxicity. So far the safest and the most effective method of treating low levels of testosterone in males are injections. By delivering the hormone directly into the blood, testosterone injections allow any Low T patients to achieve consistent results and return to normal and healthy life.

Buy Male Testosterone Medication Online

Testosterone medication can be purchased in a regular pharmacy or from an online supplier. You should remember though that the quality of the medication you buy is the key. As a controlled drug, testosterone injections are sold by prescription only, so you will be required to undergo a testing procedure and get a prescription from a doctor. Fortunately, these days you can do it online in the comfort and privacy of your home.

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