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Benefits of Testosterone Therapy – New 2017 Research

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Low testosterone levels can cause a wide variety of health issues and bothersome symptoms. Men with low testosterone levels may experience a decreased sex drive, poor sexual performance, low energy levels, poor motivation to do what they need to do, and a depressed mood. Women with low testosterone levels can have some of the same symptoms, especially a drop in sexual desire and energy levels.

Since it can affect so many important aspects of life, many men and women consider hormone replacement therapy as a viable solution to their health problems and symptoms. However, there is often much controversy regarding the use of hormone replacement therapy surrounding the topics of safety and effectiveness.

Here we will provide a basic testosterone therapy benefits list, discuss the benefits of testosterone therapy for women, and how to go about starting treatment.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

As we alluded to above, low testosterone can cause many problems in both men and women. Taking testosterone in the form of hormone replacement therapy can provide the following benefits in a relatively short amount of time.

Increasing Sex Drive and Performance

Men with low testosterone can find themselves not interested in sex as often and can also have a harder time getting or maintaining an erection. Therefore, it goes without saying that one of the main benefits of testosterone therapy for men is an increased interest in sex. Increasing the amount of testosterone in the body will not only rejuvenate a man’s interest in sex, but it will also help him to achieve better and longer lasting erections. Additionally, a higher level of testosterone can help him have the stamina needed to perform better in bed.

Women also often experience a low sex drive due to low levels of testosterone. An increase in testosterone levels can help a woman become more interested in sex as well as allow her to become adequately lubricated so that sex is more enjoyable.

Higher Levels of Testosterone Can Equal a Longer Lifespan

Testosterone replacement therapy benefits also include living a longer amount of time. Recent research continues to shed light on the fact that low testosterone levels have been linked to serious health issues such as diabetes, metabolic disorders that cause weight issues, osteoporosis, and even cardiovascular disease. Whether higher levels of testosterone directly lead to living longer or whether low levels simply predispose a person to dangerous diseases is not clear. The fact remains that men and women with higher levels of testosterone live a longer lifespan and have fewer cases of life-altering problems such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and obesity.

Better Fat to Muscle Ratio

Testosterone therapy benefits also include an improvement in the ratio of body fat and lean muscle. Because metabolic issues can be caused by a lack of an adequate amount of testosterone, this will often result in too much body fat compared to lean muscle mass. When testosterone levels go up the amount of lean muscle mass increases, giving the metabolism a natural boost. Ultimately this helps with weight loss and a better distribution of fat and muscle. An appropriate amount of testosterone makes it easier to lose unwanted pounds and keep them off.

Improved Mood

Hormone imbalances are one of the most common causes of mood disruptions. In fact, these imbalances are part of the reason why women’s moods tend to change during their menstrual cycles and while they are pregnant. While some fluctuations in hormone levels are natural and normal, wide disturbances or drastic imbalances can affect mood to an extreme degree. Men and women who experience ongoing depression, anxiety, or other bothersome mood disturbances would do well to get their testosterone level checked to determine if it is below normal.

As you can see, the benefits of increasing low testosterone levels are quite vast and cover a wide variety of physical and emotional complaints that both men and women experience. Now that you know the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, you may be wondering how to go about getting started on the road to improved health with HRT.

How to Start Testosterone Therapy

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of testosterone therapy, you may be interested in learning how to get started. The first step is to visit your doctor and have your blood drawn to get an accurate reading of your current testosterone level. This will let you know for sure if your level is too low and will also provide a record to compare to down the line as you begin treatment.

Once your blood test comes back, you will receive your testosterone therapy prescription from your doctor. Testosterone comes in many different forms. One of the more common methods of taking your testosterone is by intramuscular injection. Your doctor may also prescribe a gel form of testosterone that is applied to the skin. Your prescription details will let you know how you should take your testosterone and how many times per day this should be done.

Once you begin your treatment, you should pay attention to any improvements in symptoms and also alert your doctor if you experience any side effects. Your doctor will periodically monitor your testosterone levels during your treatment so that any adjustments to your dosage can be made.

Testosterone therapy cost will vary slightly according to your location and will also depend on whether or not your insurance covers such treatment. Additionally, there will be other costs associated with lab fees and office visits as needed through the course of treatment. Your doctor can answer any questions you have regarding the costs involved in your treatment plan when your initial blood tests come back.

Testosterone performs many vital functions in the body on a daily basis. When levels get too low, a huge variety of dangerous and disturbing symptoms can occur. Whether you want to improve your sex life or regain lost muscle mass, ask your doctor if testosterone therapy can help you reach a better state of health.