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How testosterone works

“It turns out that the production of testosterone can be enhanced through supplements.”

Men are doomed. That’s a pessimistic conclusion to British studies of geneticists. The blame lies utterly on the spoiled ecology of the planet. The air and water is saturated with industrial toxins, which suppresses the production of male sex hormones in their sex glands.

How testosterone worksLow levels of this hormone have a tragic impact on sperm production. Specifically, it causes a low sperm count. However, in addition to this, the genetic information that the sperm carries is distorted, which lead to a decrease in the birth rate of males. But let’s not panic yet, we have science here to help.

Science is hard at work trying to increase testosterone levels in the male body. With supplements you will be able to raise the level of natural testosterone production by your body by as much as 80-100%. Well, this will seriously affect your athletic performance!

The main hormone responsible for growth in our bodies is testosterone. It is secreted by special Leydig cells, located in the male testes. These microscopic components are managed by our brains, which in itself is one big hormonal gland. Figuratively speaking, testosterone secretion by Leydig cells resembles an avalanche, when one stone pushes the other and creates a domino effect.

At first the hormonal gland at the core of the brain, the hypothalamus, secretes a hormone called Gonadotropin. This in turn induces the production of yet another brain hormone. That, along with blood circulating throughout the body, is then infused into all of the Leydig cells of the body. This is when they begin the process of testosterone production. It is during puberty that the secretion of testosterone is at its highest level. This leads to the rapid development of lean body mass and sexual characteristics – deeper voice, hair growth, and so on. Testosterone is also the hormone responsible for a healthy sexual desire and performance.

Unfortunately, with age testosterone secretion is greatly reduced, and with it so is sexual desire and lean body mass. Nowadays, decreasing testosterone levels can be observed after just 25 years of age. This is due to the abundance of stress and poor environmental conditions. Here are some typical symptoms of a deficiency of testosterone in the body – decreasing quality and duration of erection, weaker sexual desire, irritation, stress, even depression and chronic fatigue.

Many years ago medical science had discovered the need to synthesize artificial hormones to treat patients with deficiencies. Luckily, such a thing is used widely by physicians today, and the most common of all hormone replacement therapies is testosterone therapy. These drugs are also widely used for the purpose of increasing muscle mass.

However, using artificial hormones for unsafe reasons creates major health risks. It is necessary to maintain a safe medical dosage to avoid side effects such as shrinking of the testicles, bad formation of sperm or an absent sperm count. This process can get out of hand and effects can become irreversible.

The fact here is that your brain evaluates your hormonal levels and gives proper instruction for production. If too much testosterone is introduced into the bloodstream, the hypothalamus does not receive the proper signal from the brain and can completely stop secreting the hormone Gonotropin. This hormone, we learned before, is the catalyst for testosterone production. In approximately half of these cases, when too much testosterone is injected, the damage can become irreparable and no medicine will be able to reverse the harm you have done to your body.

How does testosterone  workAge compensates for the loss of testosterone and its increased level today. It is engages in a certain branch of medicine known as hormone replacement therapy. It is clear that over the years secretion of hormones and this process is interconnected.

The recovery of normal testosterone levels is accompanied by correctional levels of the human growth hormone and other thyroid hormones as well as estrogen, insulin, and so on.

The procedure lasts for many weeks and can cost up to $50,000. Nevertheless, the results are incredible. Another way to increase testosterone secretion is receiving prohormone. You may be asking, what are prohormones?

The Leydig cells produce testosterone made from cholesterol. Yes, the addition of cholesterol, which is considered the worst enemy of cardiac health. In the process of conversion into testosterone, cholesterol undergoes come changes, i.e. becomes a direct “raw material” for testosterone manufacturing. Simple logic dictates that the more of a raw material, the more natural testosterone that can be produced by the Leydig cells. Modern prohormone is presented as just that, the “almost” testosterone. The problem here is that scientists have not been able to find an optimal pro hormone formula. On the market today there are several types and, according to many, none of them really does what it is supposed to.

Yes, there are some effects that you can see, but with injections of synthetic testosterone the results are incomparable. Manufacturers believe that the blame lies in the buyers themselves. They take prohormones on a permanent basis and often times exceed the specified dosage. Well, prohormones should really be taken in cycles of 2-4 weeks each and then a break should be taken for at least a month and a half. In all honestly, official medicine looks at pro hormones positively. Doctors are convinced that sooner or later high quality pro hormones will be able to be produced. On one hand, what is left for us to do now? Bodybuilding has been leading the way.

First off, you can directly stimulate testosterone production through food additives. You should know in advance that such an increase in the hormone will be very small. However, there is also another way. A significant portion of the testosterone in your body is lost through the useless aromatization into estrogen. You can actively go against this process by using nutritional supplements. Through this you can achieve results of up to 70-100% increase of daily secretion of testosterone.

Tribulus terrestis

Tribulus terrestris extract (Tribu-lus Terrestris) was the first additive created with a proven effect of increasing testosterone secretion by the Leydig cells. In the United States, it initially sold under the name “Tribestan” or Tribe-stan. It was willingly used not only by athletes, but also was the official medicine used to increase sex drive, sperm production, and improve general health. Soon, though, the market got filled with cheap imitations and the credibility of Tribulus terrestris was diminished majorly.

Meanwhile, the leading company involved in the production of food additives was invested heavily in testing the parent plant to isolate components such as protodioscine and saponin. A proper supplement should contain up to 20% but no more than 60% protosioscine and saponin. Supplements of 750-2000 mg per day can be taken. We recommend the use of cyclic Rowan additives with a 5 day cycle, then a 2 day break. Such a schedule can be rotated every 2 months, then a break should be taken for at least 2 weeks.

Aromatase Inhibitors

Our own body sometimes works against us, turning our testosterone into unnecessary estrogen. If you can block out this process, you will feel a significant increase in testosterone levels. Today in the market there are several enzyme aromatase inhibitors. These drugs do not only save testosterone levels, but increase its natural production. This parallel effect is based off the fact that estrogen suppresses the secretion of hormone by the brain. It is understood that the less estrogen there is in the blood, the more there is of testosterone.