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How to Increase Testosterone Levels for Men

How to Increase Testosterone Levels for MenGuys, do you feel like you are slowly but surely running out of “fuel?” It may come as a surprise to some, but your body actually runs on testosterone in more ways than one. The well known hormone has both anabolic and androgenic effects. Anabolic means that it regulates the growth of muscles and bones, giving you strength.

Androgenic means it effects the development of the sex organs, which is why testosterone is often associated with sexual function. in later decades of your life, these effects are weakened because your body does not produce as much testosterone as it used to. This happens to the majority of men and that is why it is so important to know how to increase testosterone levels.

Before you learn how to increase testosterone levels

Knowing how to fix the problem of declining hormones is the key to a healthier life, but first you must be sure that you in fact have a problem. Several factors play a role in the aging of your body, and low t is one of them. It also happens to be one of the most important ones. For this reason it is important to know how to spot signs of low t. Seen below are some of the most common symptoms:

  • reduced sex drive and inability to perform, even erectile dysfunction
  • declining energy levels, even chronic fatigue
  • constant mood swings and elevated irritability
  • more body fat and less muscle mass
  • hair thinning and hair loss
  • dangerous levels of cholesterol and blood pressure
  • low memory function and mental agility
  • decreasing strength and endurance
  • and many more not listed above

The only way to be absolutely positive that your testosterone levels are below normal is to get tested. A simple blood test will determine your hormonal levels and help you determine whether you need to learn how to increase testosterone levels. This test can be scheduled right from our website.

Find out how to increase testosterone for men

Testosterone therapy is not a new phenomenon. In fact, ample research has been done on the topic and modern science has perfected the effectiveness of therapy for low t. There is a reason that the years 1930-1950 are known as “the golden age of steroid chemistry.” It was then that testosterone was synthesized and testosterone therapy was perfected, becoming only purer as research continued. Learn how to increase testosterone for men in a way that is tolerated by your body and hassle-free to you.

This will bring you great benefits such as dissipation of all the symptoms stated earlier and more. Normalizing testosterone levels has even been found to lower risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and some types of cancers. However, if the product you use is fake, illegal, or instructions and dosage is inaccurate, you will do yourself more harm than good. Teaching how to increase testosterone for men in a way that is safe and legal is our first priority. Every step of the way our team of specialists are here to help you get advice and get treated.

We’ll be able to find out just how low your levels are, whether you are in need of testosterone therapy, and provide you with a certified medication. With your assigned physician you will determine the details of your treatment and a proper route of administration, whether it be a skin patch, cream, or injections. Every person is unique, so every person who comes to us for help is given the utmost attention and care. Experience the potent effects of testosterone booster and relive your golden years.

The most important male hormone

Male hormoneI think that every man wants to be always in a good shape and especially when it comes to mating. If you have a question – how do I increase my testosterone levels, it means there was a failure in the body. And oh, how bad it is. But in this article you will learn how to increase testosterone levels in men without drugs, folk remedies and other tricks.

By the way, I do not want to scare you, but the decline in testosterone levels is fraught with all sorts of mental disorders, and physiology suffers. For example, prostatitis can develop, as well as overweight with all its consequences.

And every man goes through it in a certain period of his lifetime. First, reduced libido and virility is no longer much of a force, and long live the indifference.

Although the level of testosterone in men really decreases with age, but not as much as many people think – at the age of 35 the secretion of testosterone is only in 5% lower than in 25.

A significant drop in the level of this hormone begins only after forty years, declining by about ten percent every five years. Closer to fifty years the level of testosterone in men is not more than 60% of the twenty-five years men.

Additives increasing testosterone levels

Before talking about drugs for increasing testosterone, it is more logical to start with vitamins and minerals, which reduce the deficit of this hormone. Include them in your diet and you will achieve not only increase testosterone level, but simply improve your health.

Lack of zinc, magnesium and vitamin D is closely related to the fall in the male sex hormone. But it is important that when you receive these minerals the level only restores to normal, but these are not the ways to increase testosterone.

If we talk about the dosage how to increase testosterone level, man needs 10-20 mg of zinc, 400-1000 IU of vitamin D and 350 mg of magnesium daily. In addition, the use of 2 grams of calcium per day has a positive effect on testosterone, but calcium is the best way to increase testosterone if you drink it in cycles.

The vast majority of men suffer from a lack of these micronutrients. For example, if you often have limb spasm, it is one of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, and lowered immunity and brittle nails reveals a lack of zinc. So, it’s time to think: how do I increase my testosterone?

Obesity and testosterone levels

Overweight is one of the most important factors in lowering testosterone levels because adipose tissue is capable of converting the male sex hormone in the female. The fatter is the male, the lower is the level of testosterone and higher is estrogen level.

High level of female hormones in the male helps to recycle the free fatty acids from blood to adipose tissue reducing the risk of vascular occlusion. But it is obvious that the accumulation of fat mass increases, and obesity is on the female type.

Testosterone and exercises how to increase your testosterone levels

The smaller fat the male has, the less testosterone is converted to estrogen and slimming unambiguously leads to normalization of testosterone. In addition, the higher this level would become, the faster fat would be burned.

What can increase testosterone levels? Exercises!

As for strength training, it is significantly one of the best ways to increase testosterone levels, as this hormone is necessary for the body for growth and maintenance of muscle. But don’t worry; the high level of testosterone does not cause hair loss, as it was considered previously.

Elimination of zinc and magnesium deficiency is one of the easiest ways how to increase your testosterone. In addition, getting rid of excess fat and weight training exercises also is the answer to your question ‘How to increase my testosterone levels?’

How to increase testosterone levels in females

It is worth noting that the uncontrolled use of drugs testosterone by women has important negative consequence with irreversible effects – masculinization.
If you are thinking how to increase testosterone levels in women, consider the following. Elevated levels of testosterone in women lead to the transformation of the female type into male type with atrophy of primary sexual characteristics and changes in secondary sexual characteristics. In connection with this such drugs may be given to women exclusively on doctor’s prescription.

In general, the means to increase testosterone level in females are the same as in male. But everything should be done to a certain measure with relevance to individual characteristics.

Thus, the question ‘How do you increase testosterone levels?’ can be considered fully illuminated. But it is important to remember that in this matter it is important to focus on the individual approach how to increase male testosterone and female.