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Testosterone: Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is one of the most talked about hormones, and for good reason. Mostly known as a male hormone that regulates all gender-related processes in a man’s body, it also influences other important processes, such as metabolism, bone growth, and production of red blood cells. This time we will talk about the most common reason for using testosterone treatment and the most feared risk, associated with it.

Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Everyone knows there is a connection between testosterone and erections (although the nature of this connection is not fully understood). A sufficient level of the male sex hormone is crucially important for maintaining normal erectile function. However, for a variety of reasons, the level of testosterone can drop, causing sexual dysfunction among many other troubles. Low testosterone or low T has become a fairly common condition, especially in middle-aged and aging men, and can be caused by:

  • natural decline in testosterone production that starts after 30;
  • injury or infection in the testicles;
  • radiation therapy or chemo therapy used to treat cancer;
  • genetic defects;
  • pituitary gland malfunction;
  • some medications, like hormone products used to treat prostate cancer;
  • chronic kidney failure;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • obesity.

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are directly connected, with low T also causing medical conditions like obesity or diabetes, which in turn can be the reason for loss of erection. That is why testosterone replacement therapy is effective in restoring normal erectile function. By increasing libido and overall energy, reducing the level of body fat, and reducing the risk of diabetes, testosterone injections eliminate the risk factors that can impact a man’s erectile function. So, the link between testosterone and erectile function recovery is easily seen.

Testosterone and Heart Disease

HEART-DISEASEBeneficial as it is for erectile function, metabolism, and overall well-being, testosterone therapy often raises questions concerning testosterone replacement and heart disease. Although the numerous studies conducted have not come to a unanimous conclusion that heart disease and testosterone are directly connected, there may be a certain link between testosterone and heart problems.

On the one hand, low testosterone and heart disease are related, because the insufficient level of testosterone can cause obesity. Testosterone therapy can reduce the level of body fat and normalize cholesterol, which are common factors making heart attack more probable.

On the other hand, men receiving testosterone treatment may retain more water and salt, which leads to increased blood pressure and heart problems. All in all, the connection between testosterone shots and heart disease is complicated and is not yet clearly established.

Testosterone and Cardiovascular Disease

There is more and more evidence suggesting that insufficient level of endogenous testosterone is related to coronary artery disease in men. Some studies have shown that testosterone helps in endothelium-dependent relaxation of coronary arteries in men. Because of that, short-term testosterone administration can be beneficial to men with coronary artery disease. On the other hand, establishing long-term risks is difficult, and the link between testosterone and cardiovascular disease remains a controversial issue.

Testosterone Heart Attack Study

Considering the implied risk of testosterone therapy for the heart, healthcare professionals have been studying the issue to answer a commonly asked question: does testosterone cause heart attacks? This, however, still remains a controversial issue, with each testosterone heart attack study showing contradicting results. A study from the Veterans Affairs system, for example, says there is a link between testosterone and heart attack, with the results showing the probability of heart attack increased by 5.8% in patients who received the hormone. A research from the University of Texas Medical Branch reported no connection between testosterone and heart failure was found. Generally, most studies agree there is higher testosterone heart risk for patients over 65 and those with pre-existing heart conditions.

Can Testosterone Cause Heart Attacks?

As said above, some studies link heart attack and testosterone, while others have not found testosterone linked to heart attack. As of today, no healthcare governing body in the US has concluded that testosterone can cause heart attacks. Even though some studies have shown that the risk of heart attack increases in some categories of patients receiving testosterone, the link between heart attack and testosterone is not completely clear. That is why you definitely cannot say that testosterone causes heart attacks.

How to Prevent Testosterone Heart Attack Risk?

If there is at least a possibility of testosterone and heart attack risk, this possibility should be eliminated. Some clinical studies show that testosterone heart attack risk may increase in patients over 65 and younger patients with a pre-existing heart condition. That means these categories of patients should either avoid testosterone therapy to stay on the safe side, or at least undergo the treatment under careful medical supervision. To prevent testosterone heart attack risk, patients should have a medical examination prior to starting their treatment and have the doctor make sure they do not have any heart issues. In addition, it is important to carefully follow the prescription and never exceed the dosage to make sure the therapy presents no risk.

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