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What effects does testosterone have in the sexual function?

The decline in the levels of free testosterone in blood and the deficiency of estradiol reduces sexual function in men. Other symptoms of low t are marked by loss in lean muscle mass and with low estradiol more fat accumulates in the body. There are various approaches for the diagnosis of low t.

A peak in the background

Presently, there are various approaches to diagnosing and treating testosterone deficiency but none of them take into account the consequences of varying testosterone levels. Moreover, the current method of therapy is not considering the clinical manifestations and this leads to quite a bit of stir in the industry.

The research

There have been several studies but one particular study involved 198 men within the age group of 20 to 50 who were clinically healthy. They were given suppressing chemicals to suppress the action of natural testosterone and then random volunteers were selected to receive testosterone gel placebo in varying dose from 1.25 g to 10 g daily for a span of 16 weeks.

200 more men received a suppressor for natural testosterone and a placebo gel that prevented the possible conversion of testosterone to estradiol. After the span of 16 weeks, the changes in body fat percentage and lean muscle mass were measured. Moreover, the fat areas and specially the thigh region is assessed for strength.

Results and Interpretations

A decrease in lean muscle mass in the thigh area was observed in men who were taking placebo gel without the suppressant. Leg muscle strength was directly related to placebo administration. Also, a reduction in sexual desire was witnessed with lowered testosterone dose. The results of the research concluded that the levels of testosterone needed in men for better sexual function, decreased fat and better muscle strength varies greatly.

It’s hard to determine the optimum dose but androgen deficiency is the root cause of fat accumulation and loss of muscle mass. The findings from this particular study suggests that there is a need to change the approach for hypogondism treatment in men.