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When Do You Know Your Testosterone Is Too Low

When Do You Know Your Testosterone Is Too LowIn the last few years, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of male patients getting a diagnosis for low t. it’s a good thing that they are worried about their health because usually men are too hesitant to talk about it. Now after they know that erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition, they are curious to know about the cures.

It is important to note that most of the male population determined to get a cure for declining testosterone are aging men. But that is not the only demographic group, the curiosity to get to the cure for declining testosterone in also witnessed in younger men, all thanks to the TV commercials and tricky advertising campaigns.

They will introduce declining testosterone with attractive punch lines. Those TV commercials are the reason why most people have a skeptical eye about symptoms like depression, sleeplessness, and feeling of fatigue all the time. When men with these symptoms face a decline in sex drive, they will know before getting tested that there is something fishy about their testosterone levels.

Perhaps these are the signs of decreasing testosterone. However, an endocrinologists confirms that only a quarter of men tested for this deficiency actually happen to have it. Sometimes its thyroid or any other hormone that is the source of all this nuisance.

Understanding testosterone and the reasons for its decline

vTestosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for causing deepening of the voice or for producing sex drive in males. At puberty, this hormone builds muscles and causes the development of the testes. Its functions also continue in adulthood when it maintains the integrity and function of muscles and bones and also promotes sex drive. Or should I say “It makes a man a man”. However, the natural levels of testosterone tend to decline after 30 years.

This gradual decline is sometimes followed by a reduction in testosterone. A common man unaware of low t will believe that the loss of sex drive is plainly because of aging. Science has already proven that believing low testosterone to be a part of aging is a pure misconception. On the flip side, an almost zero interest in sex drive does not explain the testosterone decline either. There can be a thousand different reasons for aging people to have erection issues.

As mentioned previously, a lot of symptoms can easily be confused for some other medical condition. So far, nobody attributed these symptoms to low t. Instead, they were associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. Today medical approach to diagnosis and treatment is different because now people know how low testosterone can be different from other diseases.

Actually, the doctor will rule out any other possible explanation for your symptoms before charging low testosterone as guilty. A blood test will be the deciding factor in this context.

When to sound the alarm

The least amount of testosterone that you will do fine with is 300 ng /dL. The upper limit can go beyond 1000 ng/dL in peak release or at maturity. If the levels go below normal, then the following reasons might explain your condition:

  • Undergoing cancer treatment or having cancer
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Injury or infection in the testes
  • Liver disease or diabetes
  • HIV or AIDS infection

If you are on some special medication or facing a genetic condition, then the resulting possibility of testosterone deficiency cannot be over-ruled. Over here, we have just discussed the possibilities but the real cause could be anything. It also needs to be noted that a low test score does not always mean that you will have the deficiency. But it’s really time to sound the alarm and take some measures when the levels drop to 200 or 100 ng/dL.