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How to raise testosterone levels quickly

Testosterone is a main male hormone and it is also known as an anabolic steroid. This hormone plays a very important role and is responsible for many functions.

If you have an optimal testosterone level, it has the following advantages:

  • It improves mood and confidence
  • You have better libido and erection
  • The level of sexual performance becomes higher
  • Hair on body and face grows faster
  • It boosts a wish to reach success, control, and power
  • You gain bone and muscle mass
  • It prevents osteoporosis

It is necessary to underline that testosterone is a very important hormone that makes a man a real man. But, females have this hormone too, though in small amounts. In a female body, testosterone is secreted by ovaries. Testosterone is also produced in male and female bodies in adrenal glands.

How to raise testosterone levels quickly

Sometimes, the level of testosterone decreases and many men and women have only one question- how to raise testosterone levels quickly? Testosterone level may become lower because of the age, a lot of stress, low level of vitamin D, too much weight, some drugs, and bad nutrition.

All these factors influence human metabolism and lead to health problems. In the modern literature, there are a lot of advice and tips how to raise testosterone levels fast. Let’s have a look at some of these tips. They can be divided into such groups as: workout, nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation.

A lot of sleep

If you sleep only for 5 hours, it can seriously influence your level of testosterone. Researches showed that people who slept for only 5-6 hours a day had the lower level of testosterone, and it decreased by about 15 %.

Chinese doctors proved that if you increase the duration of sleep, even by one additional hour, it will help you to raise testosterone level quickly.

Say no to stress

A lot of problems with health are connected with the modern lifestyle. It is very fast and people often feel tension at work and at the end of a working day. When we feel stress, the level of cortisol, it is a hormone of stress, raises, and it influences the testosterone level. Cortisol does a lot of good for our bodies but a big amount of this hormone can lead to sad consequences. It can decrease our weight and cause damage to the body. So, try to save your nerves and to withstand stress.

Sexual activity

Sexual activity will help to answer the question – how to increase testosterone levels quickly?

It is one of the fastest and most pleasant ways to raise the level of the testosterone in our bodies. People usually have the brightest feelings while having sex and they can experience such feelings as power, success, satisfaction, tenderness, and wish to please another person. The recent studies showed that men who watched other people having sex experienced an increase in the level of testosterone of up to 11%, and men who had real sex experienced the increase in the testosterone level of up to 70%. So, in order to increase testosterone level quickly, call your partner and have good sex.

Vitamin D

The one simple way to increase the level of this very important hormone, testosterone, is to raise the level of vitamin D. The famous journal Hormone and Metabolic research wrote that vitamin D can influence the level of testosterone and it can raise it by up to 30%. So, spend more time in the sun, about 30 minutes a day, or take vitamin D in pills and other vitamins and supplements.

Less sugar

If you want to have the normal level of hormones, try to control the habit of eating a lot of sugar. Sugar decreases testosterone level and researches show that people who have diabetes, have the lower level of the important T-hormone. So, control your sugar eating habit and you will see how the testosterone level increases.

Physical activity

Physical activity is very important for all human beings, it can not only make our bodies attractive and fit, it can also boost the level of testosterone even quicker than a weight loss. Such activities as weight-lifting or interval training with high intensity will raise the testosterone level quickly.