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Types of Hormones in Human Body

Types of hormones in your body

The human body is extraordinary. Your body secretes a lot of different types of hormones that fall into different categories such as Amino acid, Eicosanoid, Peptide and Steroids and a lot of different hormones have been identified under each of these categories. Your body’s hormones are responsible for a lot of different functions. Some hormones like the amino acid melatonin are responsible for your skin color.

Peptide hormones like erythropoietin, calcitonin and glucagon are responsible for maintaining your body’s internal organs and hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone are responsible for your muscle strength, your metabolism and your general flexibility and youthfulness of your body. Each of these hormones is essential for maintaining good health and a deficiency or inability to create these hormones will in one way or another affect your body negatively. Over the last few years, we have been doing a lot of research about hormones and especially the type hormones that will help people stay younger and healthier for longer.

Types of Hormones in the Human Body

There are more than 72 different types of hormones in your body and all of them serve different functions. The types of hormones and their effects all have an impact on your body. Two hormones have been identified to affect your bodies aging process the most and these two hormones are:

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is responsible for helping children grow and develop. The hormone affects your bone strength, muscle strength, immune system, hair and nail growth, skin elasticity and much more and is mostly needed to help children grow into adults and for adults to remain strong during their fertile peaks.
  • Testosterone is a hormone that is found in both men and women, but men have a much higher level of this hormone than women. This hormone affects the body size, masculinity and is responsible for creating strong muscles.

At what age does your body stop producing hormones?

Your body stops producing HGH from the age of 25 because that is when adulthood is officially achieved and your body stops producing testosterone from the age of 30. Our researchers have been studying the different types of hormones and their classifications for a long time and found that these two hormones greatly affect your body’s ability to stay young, flexible and to produce strong and great looking muscles. Through extensive testing and researching HGH and testosterone injections have been developed to replace these deficiencies and to help men and women turn back their biological clock.

Our advisors understand all the types of hormones and what they do to your body. Contact Wellness MGT to get more information about the role of testosterone or growth hormone therapy.