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How Can Recombinant HGH Therapy Show Revolutionizing Results

Recombinant HGH TherapyThere’s one form of HGH deficiency that occurs naturally and then there is one form that is more popularly known as an acquired growth hormone deficiency. The latter happens when some tissue from the pituitary gland or hypothalamus is either damaged or surgically removed after the identification of tumor. It has been quite long since the diagnosis and treatment of growth hormone deficiency but it is still under observation in adults.

However, quite a few studies in this regard are confirmed. Scientists have pointed out that growth hormone deficiency is somehow related to lipid metabolism, bone mineral density, physical performance and other physiological changes. Besides there is very little evidence about the efficacy of smaller doses of recombinant growth hormone for reversing the deficiency of this hormone in adults.

Describing the syndrome

If a person has acquired growth hormone deficiency syndrome, then it will accompany certain signs like reduction in lean muscle mass, increase in fat deposition and an overall weight gain. One of the research reveals that the body fat in such individuals increases by 7 percent and there is an astonishingly similar decrease in lean muscle mass. Most of the increased fat was distributed in the truncal region that accounts for fat deposition in around the waist. The scientists also noted a rise in triglyceride and a decline in HDL which directly attributes to vascular wall thickness. Hence it is proved that growth hormone deficiency can lead to a rise in cardiovascular problems.

So far, it’s been clear that both muscle mass and its strength is significantly reduced in patients with growth hormone deficiency. But this reduction is not just restricted to voluntary muscles, there is also a decline in the left ventricular mass within the heart. All these changes translate into lesser cardiac output and reduced ability for physical performance.

So, if a patient is HGH deficient, he will also lack stamina. The study was further continued by analyzing the cortical bone mineral density. The patients with declining hormone levels showed reduced bone mineral density.

The patients also have impaired psychological condition. They experience lack of focus and in some severe conditions memory impairment is also evident. Everyone with HGH deficiency undergoes reduced sex drive and vitality which is followed by depression, irritability, fatigue and inability to focus. but in case of aging adults, it’s hard to determine if these psychological symptoms are exclusively due to reduced hormone secretion.

The recombinant GH therapy

After several studies, it has been confirmed that recombinant growth hormone therapy can actually put a stopper to growth hormone deficiency symptoms even when taken in low dose. Various studies point out that any metabolic or psychological abnormalities can be suppressed with GH replacement therapy without catching any side effects.

Body composition

With the administration of synthetic growth hormone, a significant change is observed in body composition leading to reduced fat mass and more lean muscle mass. A dose as low as 0.003 mg/kg of HGH taken over a span of 6 months revealed an improvement in growth hormone deficiency. Within 6 months, there will be a noticeable loss in visceral fat from trunk locations. The waist region accumulates more fat in comparison to legs, arms or the neck. With the administration of growth hormone, the fat distribution in truncal region is reduced along with a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Lipid metabolism

Various hormones are involved in the different stages of lipid metabolism and growth hormone is no exception. A study suggests that small doses of GH can reduce the concentration of LDL cholesterol. It must be noted that the true benefits of these changes are yet to be identified and the process is still under investigation.

Heart function

As mentioned earlier, growth hormone deficiency minimizes cardiac output and along with it your stamina for exercise. However, the patients undergoing growth hormone replacement therapy show improved muscle function and better cardiac function. Another plus is the increased oxygen carrying capacity which improves stamina. All these changes are observed within 6 months of therapy.

Better bone mineral density

Since we have been discussing every parameter separately, this one can’t be skipped either. It has been proclaimed since the advent of recombinant growth hormone that, its administration improves bone mineral density. While conducting in-vitro tests, it has been demonstrated that growth hormone stimulates osteoblast proliferation. This hormone is also the cofactor for the synthesis of insulin like growth factor 1. However, the changes with the direct administration of growth hormone are known to be less consistent, especially when it comes to bone mineral density. The therapy can also reverse the effects of a condition known as osteopenia that occurs in some growth hormone deficient patients.

The downside of growth hormone replacement

Apparently, the most critical consideration for growth hormone therapy in acquired GH deficiency is the dose of recombinant growth hormone. A patient administered with a high dose of growth hormone will be susceptible to clinical conditions like fluid retention and hypertension. On the flip side, a fairly low dose will not cast any side effects. If the patient is having a minor GH – deficiency, then a dose of 0.03 mg/kg/week is enough to fulfill the deficit. For some patients, 0.01 mg/kg dose of growth hormone was administered for three times in a week and it had no apparent side effects.

Final word

HGH deficiency is primarily associated with excess morbidity and is also becoming an increasingly popular cause of high mortality ratio. Now a number of studies reveal that growth hormone replacement therapy has the tendency to improve physical well being, enhance bone mineral density, improve cardiovascular function and suppress all the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.