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When To Start HGH Therapy ?

When To Star HGH TherapyKnowing the ins and outs of HGH therapy will give you an upper-hand advantage on your journey towards a healthier life. This will bring you one step closer toward a healthier and happier you.

Find out what exactly is the human growth hormone, how it works, how to spot HGH deficiency, and how and when to start HGH therapy.

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Before you learn when to start HGH therapy

Firsthand, it is beneficial to have knowledge about HGH therapy to know what benefits it can bring to your life. The human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, a structure found at the base of the human brain. It is made up of 191 amino acids, each of them vital to the development and maintenance of your bodily functions. Just as the name entails, the main function of the human growth hormone is to regulate the growth of tissues and cells everywhere in the body. During puberty, when one experiences a "growth-spurt," it is because of a peak level of HGH that accelerated growth occurs. Unfortunately, as time passes the production of this hormone declines and so does the growing of your body.

For some, this process takes much longer to occur, for some it happens much too quickly. On average, normal levels of HGH begin to decrease starting at the age of 30. When they do, the body and mind bear the consequences. The body is no longer able to replace cells that have died out or give so much strength as it did before. People who go through this start to feel lethargic and aren't able to stay active for long without getting extremely tired and lazy. The metabolism greatly slows down, and fatty cells are no longer being broken down and converted into energy and muscle. This is the reason that older people find it so hard to lose weight or gain muscle.

Effects on the hair and skin can also be seen as the hair thins or falls out and the skin also thins, droops, and develops wrinkles. Mental functions are also drained as you begin to have problems with memory and staying positive. Many of those who are deficient of HGH are diagnosed with depression. These are just a few of the issues that come up as HGH levels go down. Identifying that you are not "up to speed" is half the battle, reversing these negative effects is the other.

When to start HGH therapy

A phrase that applies perfectly to the question of when to start HGH therapy is, "the sooner the better." As time passes and you leave your body with a deficiency of the hormone, the effects will only worsen and you may even develop illnesses such as type II diabetes and heart disease. The perfect timing of when to start HGH therapy is now. If you suspect that you are experiencing the symptoms of low human growth hormone production, there is only one legal and effective way to find out for sure - consulting with a doctor.

This can be done with ease by scheduling an appointment in your area straight from our website. We will provide you with a specialized professional who will be able to tell you whether you are in fact lacking HGH through a simple blood test. Then you can discuss with them about when to start HGH therapy and how to do it. A prescription will be provided by the doctor along with detailed instructions so that you can enjoy the benefits of HGH therapy right away. With as little as one treatment cycle, you will be experiencing the miraculous effects that HGH therapy brings.