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How HGH Therapy Works For The Middle-Aged

HGH Therapy For The Middle AgeInitially, growth hormone therapy was intended for children who were born with HGH deficiency. Soon, it was discovered that quite a few men and women also suffer from this deficiency.

A sophisticated term is attributed to individuals with growth hormone deficiency over the age of 35. The good news is that the Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency symptoms can be suppressed to a great extent with HGH treatments.

When a patient is getting growth hormone therapy, it will accelerate the recovery from any existing injury and enhance physical endurance.

Why take growth hormone treatment

In order to know the answer, let’s first get a little perspective. Hormone are secreted from the endocrine glands and they have a distant site of action within the body. Human Growth Hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland and is responsible for the growth of various tissues and organs throughout the body for the rest of your life. However, when you reach your middle age, there is a decline in growth hormone concentration.

The increase in wrinkles and sagging of the skin in the middle-aged is due to the lack of growth hormone. This is primarily due to the loss of muscles which follows declining hormone levels. Growth hormone supplements can restore this loss and slow down fat redistribution. The HGH administered to hormone deficient individuals will reverse certain aging signs but the same results cannot be confirmed for people without any deficiency. Hence, the growth hormone treatment will prove its efficacy in patients with this deficiency.

Merits and demerits of growth hormone supplements

When growth hormone supplements are administered in mid-aged individuals there are some secondary benefits such as an increase in bone mineral density and muscle mass. All in all, the patient feels energetic and the ability to exercise increases. Moreover, the patients infested with HIV undergoing muscle wasting can also take HGH shots to alleviate the symptoms.

Constant treatment with HGH therapy also improves memory and motor skills. Plus, the kidney function is improved and sleeping disorders are suppressed. The users of growth hormone treatment have also witnessed faster healing and regeneration capabilities. Interestingly, a lot of users opt for growth hormone treatments because they wish to reverse the signs of aging and indeed, HGH makes your skin younger and tighter.

After a prolonged use of growth hormone, certain side effects start to emerge along with the benefits. Some users might start developing swelling in their arms and legs other experience severe pain in joints and males on high dose can get an enlargement of breasts. The user is also susceptible to diabetes and various heart problems. The biggest drawback is still the fact that human growth hormone is way too expensive.

Growth hormone treatment – effective application

The high potency ratio of human growth hormone treatments makes it a harmful drug which makes it even more important to stick to the dose. When middle aged individuals face a deficiency, they are prescribed HGH therapy with a small dosage.