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Human Growth Hormone

Most people have probably never heard of IGF-1, but it can have a major impact on growth and health. Insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1, is a hormone in the human body that helps regulate growth. It is stimulated by […]

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Growth Hormone Deficiency and Insulin Sensitivity

The human body is an extremely complex organism that depends on hormones for much of its functions. Insulin and growth hormone are both important to the body’s metabolism. The hormones in the human body don’t exist in isolation; nearly all […]

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HGH Therapy for HIV Patients

Human growth hormone (HGH) has been used for decades to treat short stature and other medical conditions. However, it may also be useful in treating HIV/AIDS, both to help prevent complications and to improve immune status. What is HGH? HGH […]

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HGH Therapy For Bone Density

HGH injections are available just by the means of prescription and they are necessary for people with significant HGH depletion. The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is actually produced by the pituitary gland (hypophisis) and a deficiency caused by aging can […]

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HGH Levels in Men at Every Decade

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a naturally occurring peptide hormone that is necessary for growth, cell regeneration, and cell reproduction. As children, humans have an abundance of HGH in their bodies. However, as men and women age the amount […]

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Understanding HGH and the Effects of Overdosing

If there is an effective approach for treating HGH deficiency, then injectable HGH Replacement Therapy is the best option. HGH injections, when used according to a physician’s instructions, and taken only according to the prescribed dosage, can effectively treat HGH […]

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Types of hormones in your body

The human body is extraordinary. Your body secretes a lot of different types of hormones that fall into different categories such as Amino acid, Eicosanoid, Peptide and Steroids and a lot of different hormones have been identified under each of […]

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HGH and anti aging miracle

What is the definition of aging? Loss of hair, hair turning grey, getting more wrinkles and loss of muscle mass may be the signs of aging. Increase of collagen and elastin is necessary to achieve youth and natural looks. At […]

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What HGH injections are used for

The human body cannot exist without hormones. There is hardly any function of our body that is not controlled by hormones and our growth is among them. If a person lacks them, growth hormones injections are necessary. Different processes and […]

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Growth Hormone Deficiency Testing

A growth hormone (GH) test is used to determine the amount of GH in your blood. GH is produced by the pituitary gland and it is required for growth. It influences the way our body uses food for energy (in […]

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