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Hormone Replacement Therapy

How stress impact on hormone levels

Stress is a normal part of life and humans have many biological mechanisms to respond to stress. A number of hormones are part of that stress response. These hormones interact with one another to raise the heart rate and blood […]

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Sermorelin GHRP-6

Hormones are naturally occurring chemicals that are used in the regulation and repair of our bodies. Thus they are essential to us. Before we reach our primes, we have plenty of hormones which work as a cohesive unit to maintain […]

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Hormone Deficiency and Low Sex Drive in Women

A fulfilling and active sex life is one of the cornerstones of women’s health. However, many women suffer from low libido. Once causes like simple fatigue of illness have been ruled out, it’s time to focus on the hormones responsible […]

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When HGH therapy starts to work

HGH therapy has been discussed by professionals and simply patients for decades now due to its positive effect on a human body and overall health conditions. Also known as the growth hormone, HGH is highly praised for the benefits it […]

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Real price of HGH

What is the real price of HGH (without high pharma markups and dealer commissions)? Answer: The famous brands of the generic HGH are available in lots of western countries only at the black market or with the help of some […]

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“Bioidentical” is a buzzword in the field of hormone replacement therapy. People think of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as of the best tool to combat hormone deficiency, and they are right in many ways. However, there is a confusion when […]

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When To Star HGH Therapy

Knowing the ins and outs of HGH therapy will give you an upper-hand advantage on your journey towards a healthier life. This will bring you one step closer toward a healthier and happier you. Find out what exactly is the […]

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HRT Springs You Back To Action

Hormone therapy can successfully suppress the breast cancer that is hormone receptor positive and this means a few years of medications and checkups. The therapy also prevents the re-emergence of this form of cancer. For best results, the patients need […]

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