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Low Testosterone Treatment for Men – Cost

Low t treatment

Male hormones, otherwise called "androgens," are the substances that affect the normalization of nearly all activity in the organism. They affect all bodily systems and processes. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone that is found in both men and women.

The value of this hormone cannot be stressed enough. Despite the fact that the "normal" testosterone levels in men and women are different, its deficiency affects the human body in the worst way. It is not possible to have normal development of the human body without testosterone, and this applies to females, too!

Deficiency of free testosterone - in its active form, the hormone is referred to as "free testosterone." Lowered rates of this in most cases leads to impotence.

It also determines the development of secondary sex characteristics and libido in both men and women. Its deficiency can lead to factors such as:

  • disturbed metabolic function of carbohydrates and fatty acids;
  • loss of density of bone and muscle tissue;
  • development of a variety of psycho-emotional an cardiac disorder;

Causes of low testosterone levels

It is now clear that the processes of the body that decline due to testosterone levels are nothing to joke about. But what are the causes of low testosterone in men which require low testosterone treatment for men? Here are the main ones:

  • Inactive lifestyle;
  • Medical intervention and side effects of certain drugs;
  • Injuries to male genitalia;
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and fatty foods;
  • Psychological breakdowns that elevate adrenaline released during times of stress suppress the production of testosterone;
  • Age-related changes that result in decrease in production of the hormone.

How does low levels of testosterone impact a man's life and how to diagnose it?

As strange as it may sound, in spite of such a development of medicine, it is still a little known fact that low testosterone levels greatly affect the human body negatively. However, we can be 100% sure that there are some chronic diseases associated with it, such as depression, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

It should be noted that it's a scientific fact that testosterone significantly strengthens the bones. Low levels of the hormone causes the bones to become smaller and thinner, thus more brittle, which in turn leads to frequent fractures. The most common occurrence in relation to low testosterone levels is a hip fracture. This can have crippling effects. After passing a course of testosterone therapy through injections or other forms, you will once and for all are able to forget about such sicknesses and injuries.

Many signs of a possible diagnosis of low testosterone levels in men are nonspecific. They show themselves in ways different for everyone. During the medical examination, the doctor will inspect your symptoms, medical history, and blood hormone levels. If they detect the symptoms of low testosterone, a blood test can be assigned to measure the levels of testosterone.

Testosterone levels peak at certain times of the day, mostly early in the morning. Along with this, diagnosis depends on the age at which you seek specialized help. According to clinical results, the physician can conclude whether a low testosterone level is linked to your ailments. They will also be able to tell whether you need low testosterone treatment for men.

Low testosterone levels in men

Based on the above said, it can be concluded that each man is simply in need of low testosterone treatment in order to prolong the youth of the aging organism. In addition to this, modern medicine has allowed us the chance to produce drugs at low testosterone treatment cost.

Current available therapies involve various options of testosterone replacement therapy. That is, a reception of a synthetic version, which not only adds to the overall supply of the hormone but promotes an active secretion of itself regardless of your age. It is worth noting that despite the fact that low testosterone treatment cost widely ranges on the market today, every patient is has a hard task in front of them with choosing an effective drug. Now it should be noted that the tablet form of testosterone has a very weak effect and high chance of side effects, which is why they are rarely used. The most commonly used way to treat low testosterone levels in men is intramuscular injections which allow the drug to be 100% effective.

Low testosterone treatment cost

Low testosterone treatment is basically a therapy of age-related androgen deficiency. It is used to minimize the number of clinical symptoms of testosterone deficiency in the blood, namely the following : increased sexual activity, physical activity, improvement of overall moral and physical satisfaction, increased bone density, riddance of obesity, which affects one in three people in our country.

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