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All You Need To Know About The Overuse Of HGH Injections

Overuse Of HGH InjectionsTo date, growth hormone injections have been the effective means of eliminating this deficiency and suppressing the signs of aging. The best part is that it gives immediate results that start to appear within a matter of weeks. The down side is that everyone cannot afford it and you need to have a prescription to buy it.

One shot of HGH can cost you more than $30 and sometimes you are prescribed to take more than one shots in a day. However, the patient in need of HGH treatment must be pre-diagnosed for this condition. After checking the results of some tests, the doctor will determine the dose for HGH injections.

Risks of direct injection

When growth hormone is continuously injected in human blood for months, it can prompt some alarming symptoms. Water retention, swollen and painful joints are one of the first symptoms to appear. In the long run, tunnel syndrome and breast enlargement in males can be observed. The emergence of these side effects will also depend upon the quality of the product and the dosage used. Hence, the choice of provider for human growth hormone is a tricky one.

It has to be the right brand and then the most appropriate dose of HGH is required to counterfeit the hormone deficiency symptoms. Deviating too much from the prescribed dosage can result in serious consequences. A high dose has negative effects whereas a lower dose is not effective and this could a waste of money. On the flip side, patients with a medical history of disease are also advised to get a prescription from endocrinologist rather than follow a dose on their own.

Contradictory HGH side-effects

A healthy life without this hormone is improbable and excess of this hormone leads to heinous side-effects. For instance, HGH will improve the quality of life of a diabetic but in some other cases, it can increase the chances of diabetes. This explains why a suitable dose is important to avoid any possible negative effects.

Growth hormone for bodybuilders

The potent growth hormone is not just a drug for treatment of growth hormone deficiency. It is now used widely by bodybuilders. However, more recently it has become difficult to get your hands on prescription HGH online. Its misuse has led to a crackdown of majority of its suppliers. A good number of manufacturers only claimed to have the real HGH but they have not been completely honest.

It must be noted that HGH injections are not the last resort for bodybuilders. They can use supplements like sytropin or Genfx. In some cases, athletes prefer oral growth hormone. The occasional use of HGH injections without any real deficiency is prohibited.