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HGH and Insulin

HGH and InsulinOur information is for people who have already used HGH for several times, has spent a lot of hours in the gym, and is not new in this business.

First of all, it is necessary to focus your attention on the fact that this way is extremely expensive, and if you know a cost effective method, then why don’t you try it? One more expensive but effective method that is available is using IGF-1 together with HGH. In this case you can have your HGH a little bit lower, but have a nice thrill, and this method is quicker than using only HGH. We have also found out that there are no side effects while increasing HGH. We are able to stay at 2 iu’s a day of HGH and be well, and apply the IGF-1 at 80mcg on the days of lifting.

Thanks to the insulin the peptides give a real 1-2 punch, and you need to apply this during 4 weeks, then 4 weeks without this, again 4 weeks with this and 4 weeks out of it, and again 4 weeks with this. Only if you have diabetic problems, you should keep up to insulin only. The HGH is applied at 2 iu’s a day during 5 days and 2 days without it. The IGF-1 will be run according to the same schemes as the insulin: 4 weeks with it, 4 weeks out, 4 with it, 4 out, and 4 weeks with it.

So, if you are interested in our 20 week cycle, you need the following: 2 kits of HGH, 3 phials of IGF-1 and some insulin like humalog or nolvalog that act quickly. If you can’t get humalog or nolvalog, you can try humulin-R (it is sold in some drug-stores without any restrictions). It is not necessary to have insulin for this, since HGH and IGF-1 will be quite enough.

As to the steroids, we offer you some basic compounds and the dosage is rather moderate. You can choose something among the lines of testosterone deca or testosterone EQ. You will use them along with your peptides during our 20 week cycle. You should apply your HGH during 5 days, stay 2 days without it, use IGF-1 on the day of lifting. If you are insulin dependent, you need to use insulin every day, but if you don’t have diabetic problems, apply it only on the day of training.

Now, you should be very attentive. If you really want to win with our cycle and to get the best muscle growth, you need to use insulin before the training. And you should follow the instructions very precisely, without any exceptions. It is obligatory to use the insulin an hour before your training. It is better to begin with 5 iu’s a day, but don’t exceed the dosage of 10 iu’s a day.

When you apply your insulin

When you apply your insulin, it is necessary to eat 40-60 grams of protein and 10 grams of carbs for each iu of your insulin. For example, if you took 5 iu’s of insulin, eat a chicken breast or have a shake of protein with some packets of instant oatmeal. As to the carbs, it is not necessary to eat sugar, you can take something rich in sugar, and instant oats. The carbs that are not very quickly digested together with sugar will help you stay more stable when the insulin rises. Really, you need sugar, but at the insulin peak you require carbs that are slowly digested.

Insulin can increase by twice after you apply it. After you consume your protein or carb products, you will begin lifting in an hour. Here is a hint: while training you can sip something rich in sugar. For example, Gatorade. In ordinary life 10 iu’s of sugar for 1 iu’s of insulin is quite enough, but while lifting a caloric/glucose deficit is created, so it is quite necessary to take some more sugar during the training.

You will notice that while training your pump is reckless, it works harder than usually. Your arms look like they are going to break when you are doing this, but you are pumping up to make your body look remarkably larger. The time of your training should be an hour or about this if you follow our instructions. After you finish, you should eat again 40-60 grams of protein and 60-80 grams of carbs.

If you consider yourself an experienced athlete, then a post training shot of insulin is quite OK, but don’t forget about insulin “stacking”. This can happen when you apply one more insulin shot forgetting that the previous one is still working. So post training if you use 10 iu’s of insulin it might be more like 14 iu’s if the first shot before the lifting is still decreasing your glucose.

Insulin and HGHSo after you complete your physical exercises, we advise you to eat something like a chicken or steak bowl with lettuce, salsa, corn, rice. And don’t forget about the lemonade. This is a great mixture of protein, carbs and sugar with a bit of fat. You prefer to keep away from fat before and after the lift just eating protein carbs? Fat is easier kept during insulin application.

After the insulin shot your blood sugar becomes terribly lower very quickly. And where is the sugar concentrated after it is lowered with the insulin? The sugar that is not absorbed by muscles remain as fat. Your muscles are not going to absorb fat, so it will remain in fat storage. So, it’s better to wait for some time after the insulin shot for fat consumption, even for healthy fats.

Post workout while you are going to use your IGF-1. IGF-1 is measured out in a 1 ml insulin squirt and you need 2 of syringes. You should make an injection of your IGF-1 into lagging groups of muscles that you intend to increase. You can also make an injection while training.

But there are some points that require your attention. The measurement units for IGF-1 and insulin differ from those of HGH. At HGH you fill the pin to the figures. 2 iu’s is the mark 20 on the pin, 4 iu’s is the mark 40, etc. As to the IGF-1 or insulin, a unit is a line on the pin. So if you take a 1 ml insulin squirt at the line of 20 like you would for 2 iu’s of HGH, you’ll have real problems if you do not die. Insulin is a fast death. Be sure that you know everything before starting. Consult everything necessary, and don’t forget that you should understand what you are doing. It is not dangerous for experienced athletes who understand what they are doing, or you can fall asleep forever.

The next item that you should be aware of is: don’t take insulin at night. The insulin should leave your body until you go to bed. If you use humalog or nolvalog, you should wait for 3 hours before sleeping. With humulin-R you need not less than 5 hours.

It is better to apply your HGH in the morning at 2 iu’s. The dosage is 2-4 iu’s a day and can be divided into 2 or 3 times a day. It’s not good for the organism to accept the entire amount at once and you won’t have all the benefits from the procedure. Usually, 2 iu’s of legit HGH a day is quite OK, especially if you apply it together with IGF-1. You just receive anti-aging and fat burning features from your HGH, and IGF-1 will provide you with the increasing part of the equation. HGH is rather expensive, and there are possible side effects if you increase the dosage too much. You are get tired quickly, your hands get numb and fall asleep, there is a danger of permanent carpal tunnel syndrome with too high HGH and if you use it for a long period of time. Acramology, foot and intestinal growth are also possible negative effects.

As to the steroids, you shouldn’t take plenty of them too. You need to have your testosterone at 200 mg per week, but if you use deca or equipoise, the dosage should not exceed 400 mg per week. Your limit should be 300 mg per week on deca and 400mg per week on EQ. You can also use something moderate during this 20 week cycle together with peptides. We won’t recommend winstrol or trenbolone. You can try masteron that makes your body fat low for the beginning of the cycle. This steroid won’t help if you are not in single body fat, but it is quite mild to be applied for 20 weeks. You can take 20 weeks cycle if you are on testosterone replacement. We also offer you to think about the bridge.

This is the way how a 20 week HGH/Insulin blast cycle bridge will look like:

  • 1st-8th week: 200 mg of testosterone per week, 400 mg of EQ per week,(1st-4th week with IGF-1 and insulin, 5th-8th week without them)
  • 9th-12th week: 150 mg of testosterone per week, 1250 iu HCG per week for 4 weeks,( 4 weeks with IGF-1 and insulin)
  • 13th -20th week: 200 mg of testosterone per week, 300 mg of deca per week,(13th-16th week without IGF-1 and insulin, 17th-20th week with them)
  • 21st-24th week: 50mg of clomid per day, 10-20 mg of nolvadex per day, 1250 iu of HCG per week for recovery

As a result you have 20 week HGH/Insulin blast cycle. It seems rather difficult, but we have warned you that this is for experienced bodybuilders!